November legal advice in the MP Marek Kuchciński's office

The PiS Bureau for Intervention and Legal Advice in Przemyśl is the parliamentary work zone of the Sejm Speaker Marek Kuchciński. It is involved in solving the problems of Podkarpackie Voivodeship and regional policy.

The office provides assistance to anyone affected by injustice, incompetence or arrogance of public authorities and institutions, who needs guidance in exercising their rights. Regardless of nationality, political views or social status.

In November 2018, a total of 53 advice. Civil law cases predominated.

A new issue that has arisen in the Office is a personnel matter regarding a change in salary terms. A party was offered to sign an addendum reducing his salary, to which the party did not agree. Does this amount to a termination of employment? No.

If a change in the conditions of remuneration is not effected by agreement of the parties, the employer, wishing to change these conditions, must apply to the employee with a so-called changing notice.

It is similar to a notice of termination of an employment contract in that the employee has an equal amount of time from receipt of the notice to accept or reject the new terms. For example, if a one month notice period is provided the employee has that month to make a decision. It is important that the notice of termination must be in writing to be legally effective. The employee may also, within 7 days of receiving the notice of termination, appeal to the labour court, challenging its legitimacy.

In addition, the PIS Intervention and Advice Bureau in Przemyśl at the Parliamentary Office of the Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchcinski provided legal advice on matters related to the following topics in the period from 01.11.2018-30.11.2018:

  1. criminal and misdemeanor law;
  2. general scope of civil law;
  3. family law;
  4. administrative law;
  5. labor and social security law;

With the above points in mind, the advice was:

Re 1. Of criminal and misdemeanor law:

  • beatings;
  • scamming money;

Re 2. Of general civil law:

  • revocation of the donation;
  • consumer bankruptcy;
  • foreclosure;
  • compensation for flooding of an apartment;
  • debt repayment;
  • emergency complaint in a construction case;
  • A dispute with a housing association over necessary work on the property;
  • terminating your contract with your telephone company;

Re 3. From family law:

  • A lawsuit for dissolution of marriage with no adjudication of guilt;
  • changes in contact with a minor child;
  • rescission of alimony;
  • An appeal from a judgment of divorce;

Re 4. From Administrative Law:

  • removal of architectural barriers;
  • to inspect the files of the housing cooperative;
  • shifting property boundaries;
  • land modernization;
  • hunting losses;

Re. 5 On labor and social security law:

  • obtaining back pay from your employer;
  • changes to working conditions and pay




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