Law and Justice Convention

On June 4, a Law and Justice party convention was held in Marki near Warsaw, where politicians and party supporters had the opportunity to listen to the speech of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the chairman of the party.

My late brother Lech Kaczynski spoke about modern patriotism on November 11, 2009. We should remember that his indications are right for Poland. We must continue the work and thoughts of the late President Lech Kaczynski. We have to follow the way he showed, towards Poland', Jaroslaw Kaczynski said during the convention in Marki near Warsaw.

He mentioned that we meet on the day which is the 101st day of the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people.

- Fighting for the right to exist, because this right is denied to the Ukrainians by the invaders. These 101st glory days inspire hope, but also reflection on our patriotism. Ukraine reminds us that patriotism is not just an emotion, but a commitment to action - to a community organized into a state. The most important community is the family, it creates the Nation - he declared.

He added that when we gained government in 2015 we had a great program prepared.

- A program that stemmed from patriotism, and the belief that the Nation is united by a solidarity that involves justice. There has been a tremendous change in social policy. Expenditure on the family, mainly on children, has increased by 200 billion zloty. These are the programs: 500 Plus, Toddler Plus, Good Start, or Mom 4 Plus. We have not forgotten about seniors. We have an incredible increase in funds for pensions to PLN 44 billion in 2022. Looking at the 13th pension, we have provided PLN 43 billion for this purpose. We provided free medicines for 3.5 million seniors. We made the right decisions and it had an effect. Today, state revenues are higher by PLN 205.7 billion than in 2015, and the revenues of the entire public sphere by PLN 406 billion - he pointed out.

 As he mentioned, Law and Justice is learning its lesson.

 - When we talk about matters of state, we start with matters of security. Expenditure on defence increased from 33 billion PLN to 57 billion PLN. Next year, it will be over 96 billion zlotys. There is a two-fold increase in spending on culture. We are going the right way, also in this area. We have 90% schools where there is high speed internet - in 2015 there were 10% such schools. We are combining the economy with other ventures. We are dealing with a kind of combination. It is security in a broader sense, economic security, energy security," he informed.

He stressed that jobs and businesses have been defended.

- Our economy is growing, although there will be difficulties, but the growth is serious, significant. Shields, ventures previously invented - this has worked out splendidly. Taking into account various undertakings, humanitarian action, cooperation of the government and local self-government - it is all of us, but most of all the society, that has done an incredible thing. We accepted 3 million refugees without camps. We went through various trials - this means that we had and have a good government. Poles should do everything, as citizens, so that this government can continue its mission. But it also depends on us. If this journey, other ventures, our reaching out to the public with the truth are carried out, then I have no doubt that no government, has done as much for Poland as we have! Therefore I end with one call: To victory! - he said.

Photo by Marta Olejnik



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