Free assistance at the PiS Legal Advice and Intervention Office in Przemyśl

The PiS Bureau for Intervention and Legal Advice in Przemyśl is the parliamentary work zone of the Sejm Speaker Marek Kuchciński. For years it has been involved in solving the problems of Podkarpackie Voivodeship and regional politics.

The office provides assistance to anyone affected by injustice, incompetence or arrogance of public authorities and institutions, who needs guidance in exercising their rights. Regardless of nationality, political views or social status.

This assistance consists in providing free legal advice, preparing pleadings and administrative documents, and intervening in cases that require it.

Persons interested in receiving free legal assistance in the office of the Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński may contact the office staff personally or by telephone at 16 678 49 19.

In the first half of 2019, a total of 174 meetings. During them issues from various branches of law were discussed, i.e.:

  1. administrative law;
  2. general scope of civil law;
  3. criminal and misdemeanor law;
  4. labor and social security law;
  5. family law;

The topic breakdown of the meetings is shown in the chart below:

Legal advice in the first half of 2019.

The prevailing topic was the issue of consumer bankruptcy. This shows how important and necessary it is for people who are not running their own business to be able to declare bankruptcy in order to get rid of their debts.

Also People often came to the MP's office asking for help in inheritance In the first six months of the year, 18 such meetings took place. In the first half of the year, 18 such meetings took place. The meetings concerned both the judicial path through a request for confirmation of inheritance acquisition, as well as the notarial notarial option, i.e. the certification of inheritance.

An important problem faced by citizens is pension issues. 21 people sought help in cases of incorrectly calculated benefits or refusal to benefits or refusal to grant them. It is very important to make them aware of the possibility to appeal to the It is very important to make them aware of the possibility of appealing to the Common Court, which often changes the decision of the pension The Court of Common Sense often changes the decision of a pension authority. Twice The issue of the new "Mom 4 Plus" pension was discussed twice.

A popular family matters, in particular alimony and divorce, are also popular topics. As far as alimonies are concerned, the majority of cases involved adjudicating them in favor of minor children. However, there was one case in which alimony was terminated due to the child becoming independent. independence of the child. Divorce proceedings concerned both motions The divorce proceedings concerned both motions for determination of guilt of one of the spouses, or with the decision not to adjudicate it. There were 14 such cases in total.

Other civil law matters included:

  • referral for involuntary treatment;
  • payment for services rendered;
  • residential rent;
  • property division;
  • easements;
  • perpetual-accounting matters;
  • consumer withdrawal;
  • leases;
  • compensation/redress;
  • eviction;
  • court deposit.

A decidedly small percentage of the cases, at only 5%, were felony and misdemeanor issues. They concerned among others:

  • stalking;
  • fraud;
  • violation of bodily integrity;
  • abuse;
  • law enforcement acquisitions.

Law Administrative law differs from other branches of law in that it is governed by extremely and diverse legal acts. These issues were discussed during 24 meetings and concerned, among others

  • attendance allowance;
  • obtaining documents from the archives;
  • exemptions from the application of the law de-mubekization act;
  • demarcation proceedings;
  • cancellation of claims against the Alimony Fund Alimony Fund;
  • RTV subscription fee;
  • 500+ benefits;
  • development conditions.

The people who least frequently turned to the Legal Intervention and Advice Bureau for help with their cases were petitioners with labor problems. The advice concerned the following issues:

  • unjustified termination of employment;
  • wage arrears;
  • incorrect certificate of employment;
  • seniority.

Three times three times the subject of an extraordinary complaint was raised, i.e. in the case of improperly calculated pension, manslaughter and cancellation of a donation.



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