Liquidation after liquidation. MP Kuchciński intervenes


Marek Kuchciński, MP, sent an MP query to the Treasury Minister in connection with the information about changes (liquidations?) in the Przemyśl and Przeworsk Energy Regions. The query reads: "In a report prepared by the Management Board of PGE Dystrybucja S.A. Branch Zamość Project for optimisation of work in Districts and Energy Posts in PGE Dystrybucja S. A. It is planned to liquidate the Energy Regions in Przemyśl and Przeworsk and transform them into Energy Posts.


As it stands now, these Districts operate for the benefit of the local community and cooperate with local government units in the region. They ensure energy security to the inhabitants, entrepreneurs and institutions operating within their range. Therefore, the attempt to transform the Districts arouses objections of, among others, local governments and trade unions. The feeling of marginalisation of towns in Podkarpackie voivodeship and their inhabitants is also common. I have received positions and letters on this issue from many local governments, in which the protest against this restructuring is clearly expressed.


The consequence of closing down the Power District in Przemyśl and Przeworsk will be the loss of many jobs. Deprived of work qualified specialists will join the group of unemployed. It is connected with further lowering of the standard of living of the inhabitants, which already belongs to the low ones in comparison with other parts of Poland.


The above plans are of great concern to residents who are concerned about the company's longer response time to outages. After all, the time to reach the place of damage to the power grid will be extended.


In connection with the above issue, I would like to appeal to the Minister to maintain the current structure of PGE Dystrybucja S.A. I also ask for an answer to the questions concerning the number of employees in the Energy Distribution District in Przemyśl and Przeworsk. I also ask for an answer to the following questions: How many employees are employed in the Przemyśl and Przeworsk Energy Regions? How many households are supplied with energy by those regions? With how many contractors in the Podkarpacie region do these districts cooperate?"



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