26th Sitting of the Polish Sejm

On the first day of the 26th Diet session:

  • the agenda of the session included the first reading of the government bill amending the Act on the Military Property Agency
  • work has started on the draft act on the National Fiscal Administration, submitted by a group of Law and Justice MPs. the draft act on KAS aims to improve the efficiency of the tax and customs services
  • A bill on amending certain laws to facilitate the control of infectious diseases was referred to the committee for work. It introduces new obligations for animal owners and allows the Veterinary Inspection to impose additional orders, bans and restrictions in connection with the control of infectious animal diseases
  • Work began on the government's draft amendment to the Railway Transport Act and certain other acts. According to the government, the draft creates conditions to improve the functioning of railroad carriers
  • The bill amending the Civil Code, Family and Guardianship Code, Civil Procedure Code and other acts was subjected to the first reading. The bill introduces the institution of a legal and medical guardian. Thus, it creates new forms of protection of mentally incapacitated persons in place of the currently binding incapacitation. According to the bill, a guardian can be appointed for a person over the age of 16
  • MPs worked on the first reading of the Senate draft amendment to the Civil Code. The purpose of the draft is to limit the scope of joint and several liability of the investor and the contractor for payment of remuneration for construction work due to the subcontractor to a situation in which the investor gives its written consent to the conclusion of an agreement between the contractor and the subcontractor
  • the second reading of the government bill on out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes was held
  • The government draft amendment to the Act on the Military Property Agency was considered. The proposals include changes in the rules of hiring for managerial positions in the Military Property Agency. The proposer suggests that the president of the Military Property Agency should be appointed by the Prime Minister upon the motion of the head of MON, and the deputy presidents of the Agency by the Minister of National Defense.


On the second day of the 26th Sejm session:

  • an amendment was passed to increase effectiveness of ASF and other infectious animal diseases control
  • The Act on Amending Certain Acts to Facilitate the Control of Infectious Diseases was discussed. It will increase the control of farms, markets and animal collection points
  • the draft law on the National Fiscal Administration (to the Committee on Public Finance) and the draft amendment to the law on the Military Property Agency (to the Committee on National Defense) were referred for further work in committees
  • read the report of the Administration and Internal Affairs Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee on the government draft bill on the ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the Republic of Belarus on cooperation in the field of prevention of disasters, natural calamities and other major accidents and the removal of their consequences. In the draft, the Seym authorizes the President to ratify this agreement
  • MPs dealt with the statutory authorization of the President to ratify amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention. There is to be a system to financially support seafarers in case of so-called abandonment
  • considered a civic bill on amending the Act on Family Planning, Protection of the Human Fetus and Conditions for Permissibility of Termination of Pregnancy and a civic bill on Women's Rights and Conscious Parenthood, which assumes that everyone has the right to self-determination in the field of reproduction, including access to the means to exercise the right to conscious parenthood
  • The Sejm in the first reading also discussed a bill in defense of life and health of unborn children conceived in vitro, on amending the Act on Infertility Treatment. The bill proposes to change the definition of "embryo" by aligning the terms of the Infertility Treatment Act with the Family Planning Act and the Child Ombudsman Act
  • heard information on the change in the education system announced on September 16, 2016, including the abolition of middle schools and the return to an 8-year elementary school, a 4-year high school and a 5-year technical school.

29859267445_9649bee6b6_o On the third day of the 26th session of the Sejm:

  • It was decided to introduce solutions facilitating amicable settlement of disputes between consumers and traders
  • The Sejm adopted a resolution on commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Workers' Defence Committee (Komitet Obrony Robotników). A bill was passed on ratifying the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the Republic of Belarus on cooperation in preventing disasters, natural calamities, other serious accidents and removing their consequences
  • gave statutory consent to ratify amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention concerning, among other things, the liability of shipowners to create a system of financial security for seafarers in the event of so-called abandonment
  •  deputies passed a bill to amend certain laws to facilitate the control of infectious diseases to help combat African swine fever
  •  The Sejm decided that the Extraordinary Committee for Amendments to the Civil Code will work on the Senate draft amendments to the Civil Code
  •  Citizens' Bill to amend the Act of 7 January 1993 on family planning, protection of the human fetus and the conditions for permissibility of termination of pregnancy, and the Act of 6 June 1997, the Sejm referred to the Committee of Justice and Human Rights
  •  The decision of the Sejm in the Health Committee will continue work on the parliamentary bill in defense of life and health of unborn children conceived in vitro and infertility treatment. The project assumes changing the definition of "embryo" to "a child conceived in the earliest stage of biological development, resulting from the fusion of male and female gametes".
  •  rejected the parliamentary bill amending the Civil Code, the Family and Guardianship Code, the Code of Civil Procedure and amending other laws. The Chamber also rejected a civic bill on women's rights and informed parenthood
  •  MPs took note of the Information of the Council of Ministers on the state of forests and on the implementation of the "National programme for increasing forest cover" in 2014. According to the Information, in the reporting period the forest area in Poland increased by 21 thousand hectares compared to 2013. The forest cover at the end of 2014 was 29.4 percent.
  •  The Sejm listened to the Information of the Minister of Environment on the implementation of the "Program for the construction of the Świnna Poręba Water Reservoir in 2006-2015" in 2015.kkb_2256





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