XXVII International Conference Carpathian Europe Karpacz 2020, September 8-9

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Live streaming - Carpathian Europe - Day 2

Retransmission Europe of the Carpathians - Day 1 (September 8, 2020)

Dear Sirs

For many years we have been organizing meetings to deepen cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe and in Carpathian Europe. In our discussions we talk about what Carpathian Europe means to each of us, what we have achieved and what challenges we are facing: What next? How to proceed? Why further? And who is worth remembering? We discuss concrete visions for 2020, the year after and - in the perspective of the next generation - what should happen so that Central Europe, in the broad sense of the word, can become itself, can become a fully-fledged part of the EU and can become as much a keystone of Europe and Asia as an anchor of the world, where the human being, family, nation/community, religion, civil liberties, as well as a group of friends etc. are the most important.

We invite institutions, whole countries, scholars, practitioners and creators - all who want to talk freely about how to preserve our heritage for future generations. We publish material on the web and extend the discussion through interested media and portals.

During the XXVII Conference Europe of the Carpathian Mountains, which this year will be held as part of the Economic Forum in Karpacz, we would like to draw your attention to the Tri-City, an economic and political project around which a number of economic, political and also cultural initiatives are developing. Among them are both the Tricity Investment Fund and the Via Culturalia. The spiritual strongholds of our civilization and various projects for strengthening cooperation are reminded of the heroes of the century - important figures of Central Europe who had a great impact on our history and contemporary life. We support cooperation among youth, universities, and especially environmental protection. We strengthen the states' concern for drinking water for the people of the Carpathians, which is becoming a strategic resource for our countries.

An important issue affecting international cooperation in Carpathian Europe is the development of parliamentary diplomacy, which in the eighth term of the Sejm and the ninth term of the Senate was raised to an unprecedented level.

We have been talking about the future of Europe at our conferences since the beginning. Currently we would like to recall the draft of the European Constitution and the concept of the Europe of Solidary States, which we formulated during the 8th term of the Polish Parliament. And, as always, we talk about strengthening the cooperation of the Visegrad Group, which will soon celebrate 30 years of its existence.

Marek Kuchciński
Speaker of the Polish Sejm of the 8th term
Chairman of the Carpathian Parliamentary Group

We kindly invite you to cooperate with us and to get acquainted with the publication and the program of this year's conference



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