Przemyśl as an image of state cultural policy

Thanks to the efforts of Minister of Culture Piotr Gliński and Marshal of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński, two years ago the Monument Protection Council passed a resolution to make the Przemyśl Fortress and the Old Town Urbanistic Complex of the City of Przemyśl Monuments of History. Additionally, the Przemysl Land Museum was co-managed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Piotr Gliński, who was visiting Przemyśl at the time, stressed that due to the number of initiatives co-organized by the ministry in Podkarpacie, he often visits this region and thanks to the good cooperation between central institutions and the local community it was possible to sign the agreement.

During his visit to the Przemyśl museum on June 26th, Piotr Gliński argued that what can be said about the culture of Przemyśl over the last four years illustrates the national policy of the Law and Justice party; the care for heritage, the multitude of initiatives, including newly established offices, such as the Pilecki Institute or those defending the aesthetics of space or carrying out projects abroad. - We simply believe that culture is very important and we confirm this with real decisions," said Gliński.

In the last four years, the Ministry of Culture has allocated 88 million PLN to the Podkarpacie region. In 2011-14 it was 39 million PLN.

The Minister emphasized that the budget of the Ministry of Culture has increased by 37 percent in comparison to the previous governments. At the moment it is already over 5.2 billion zloty - he said. - We have to revise the budget also in terms of potential losses of cultural institutions, but they are recovered on an ongoing basis thanks to the anti-crisis shields. We can say with our heads held high how in this difficult time we protected jobs in culture - said Piotr Gliński.

Marek Kuchciński referred to the state cultural policy. He emphasized that Podkarpacie is appreciated in the state policy in widely understood areas of culture - from protection of historical monuments to fine arts. He also reminded that Andrzej Maksymilian Fredro was born in 1620, the founder of Kalwaria Pacławska, Marshal of the Sejm and author of many publications, also discovered thanks to Podkarpacie historians. In the same year Hetman Stanislaw Żółkiewski was born, an outstanding statesman, who became famous after the victory at Klushino and the conquest of Moscow.

Deputy Prime Minister Gliński and Marshal Marek Kuchciński also visited the Franciscan Church, for the renovation of which the Ministry of Culture donated PLN 3.4 million. - Przemyśl is an exceptional city, where monuments can be found at every step. They are very important, because they generate the development of the region. All these exceptional places are very well looked after thanks to the support from the state budget and the efforts of the local authorities - said the minister.

Photo: Pawel Husarz/ MNZP



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