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On Sunday, October 30, members of the Przemyśl Cultural Society met at its new premises - on the Marszalek Jozef Pilsudski Seaside in Przemyśl - to take stock of past activities, outline plans for the future, and elect a new president, who became Dr. Jan Musial.

The origins of the PTK date back to the 1980s and the activities of an independent circle formed during the Days of Christian Culture, bringing together people of culture, science and politics. The topics of the discussions at that time went far beyond mundane matters, hooked on philosophy, art, religion or great politics. In nearly 20 years, the Society has developed its activities mainly through the organization of exhibitions, concerts, national and international conferences, lectures, author meetings and discussions with outstanding personalities from Poland and abroad. Then, as now, we support culture, science, international cooperation, regional development, tourism, promote local specialties, promote the richness of nature and its protection.

Behind us are five excellent conferences on, among other things, the biological and cultural diversity of the Carpathians, herbal medicine, prominent people of the Church, geological treasures, and ahead of us are activities with the Carpathian Euroregion, which from the new year plans activities related to the mobilization of EU funds and the development of cooperation between local governments in the border belt. The Cross-Border Functional Areas, the Przemysl Gate, will enable cooperation on the Polish and Ukrainian sides, and consequently the realization of investments that will give jobs, such as road construction. 

The Society also cooperates with the International Clubs of Carpathian Europe, established at the beginning of this year, which brings together politicians, scholars, representatives of NGOs from the area of Central and Eastern Europe. The range of topics is diverse, dealing not only with political issues, social issues, hard areas such as security, investment, economy, but also culture in its broadest sense to environmental protection.

Also in the pipeline is a web portal, which is a kind of diary of people fighting for freedom against the communist regime. titled "The Przemysl Land and Region 1967-1997 - opposition activities and civic initiatives". "Przemysl Land and Region 1967-1997 - Opposition Activities and Civic Initiatives" (commemorating the activities of the local independent community in southeastern Poland until the end of the 20th century). In addition to memoirs, it will contain archival materials and documents and photographs concerning those years.

Between May and November, the PTK organizes a series of 7 popular science sessions entitled. "Events and People of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries - Przemysl, the Przemysl Land and Subcarpathia in the Carpathian Europe."

Professors, historians and personalities - experts on the subject from both Poland and abroad - have been invited to participate in the sessions. The conferences are held within the framework of the "Cultural Patronage" project and have been subsidized by the Podkarpackie Voivodeship - Marshal's Office in Rzeszow.

As of October 30, five meetings had been held:

- May 13, 2022, Krasiczyn - Europe of the Carpathians conference - two panels discussing the diversity of the Carpathians and civilizational migrations through the Carpathian countries

- July 3, 2022, Cisowa - two sessions on cultural and natural heritage and images of the Carpathians in the works of prominent figures (co-organizer - Department of Physiography and Arboretum Bolestraszyce, Director Narcyz Piórecki).

- July 30, 2022, Calvary Paclawska - a meeting dedicated to outstanding figures of the Church.

- September 17, 2022 , Myczkowce - session on the geological wealth of the Carpathians, natural medicine and herbalism.

- October 23, 2022, Muczne - meeting on the Carpathian Convention, mountain tourism, launch of the border crossing in Volosat (co-organizer - Bieszczady district governor Marek Andruch).

The project is being implemented as part of the "Patriotism of Tomorrow" competition funded by the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw.



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