Statement of the Chairs of the Foreign Affairs Committees on the NATO Summit in Madrid

We, the chairmen of the Foreign Affairs Committees of our parliaments (Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Spain, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, USA, UK, Italy and the European Parliament) we urge the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to quickly approve the accession of Finland and Sweden to our countries' alliance. As Russia continues its illegal
and unwarranted invasion of Ukraine, it is imperative that the transatlantic community continues to send an unequivocal message that we are united in the face of the continuing threat posed by Vladimir Putin to security and order based on international law.

NATO has no equal as the most successful and most powerful defense political-military alliance in history. This alliance is based on our commitment to democratic values
and our unwavering commitment to peace and security in Europe and across the Atlantic. In the face of new geopolitical dynamics, NATO must embrace Finland and Sweden, two loyal partners who share our values and will strengthen our collective defense capabilities.

Finland and Sweden firmly meet the essential criteria for NATO membership, including having strong democratic institutions and military forces. Both countries have participated in NATO missions, joint exercises and training. They will bring military technology, equipment
and expertise that will strengthen our Alliance in the face of new security challenges in Europe. Their participation in the Alliance will be key to strengthening Baltic security
and strengthening NATO's eastern flank. In addition, Finland and Sweden are world leaders
in the field of human rights and fundamental freedoms that our peoples hold dear.

Since the beginning of Putin's brutal campaign against Ukraine, the world has witnessed the atrocities of Russian military forces and the wanton destruction of hospitals, schools, religious institutions and critical infrastructure across the country. Putin's unprovoked aggression against Ukraine is a direct challenge to the sovereignty of all peaceful nations. We must hold Putin and his security forces accountable for the brutal invasion of Ukraine and take all necessary steps to stop the expansion of the conflict in Europe.

The summit in Madrid, Spain, is a unique opportunity to strengthen NATO and welcome Finland and Sweden as its newest members. Doing so will also send a clear message to authoritarian leaders who would like to use new forms of hybrid warfare, cyberattacks and economic coercion to undermine democratic governments
- That we remain steadfast in defending our peoples, our values and our democracies.

Bob Menendez Pau Marí Klose Antonio Gutiérrez Limones

Senate Congress of Deputies Senate

USA Spain

Ali Ehsassi Pavel Fischer Bogdan Klich

House of Commons Senate

Canada Czech Republic Poland

Marko Mihkelson David McAllister Laima Andrikienė

Riigikogu Parliament Seimas

Estonia Lithuania

Rihards Kols                           Piero Fassino                         Marek Ženíšek

Saeima Chamber of Deputies Chamber of Deputies                     

Latvia Italy Czech Republic

Marek Kuchciński                Christian Cambon                 Sérgio Sousa Pinto

Diet Senate Assembly of the Republic

Poland France Portugal

Tom Tugendhat

House of Commons

United Kingdom



Parliamentary committees

Law and Justice



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