The legal advice provided in the office of M. Kuchcinski is in constant demand

blizej ludziFrom January 2010 to June 2011, approximately 415 counseling sessions were provided. There were 320 people registered by name. Some people received counseling several times. 

The applicants were listened to, each person was given legal advice or their case was referred for parliamentary intervention. The advice was given in oral form and in written form (formulation of a lawsuit/application to the court, a pleading, a letter to administrative bodies, an appeal against a decision of administrative bodies). 

This advice concerned matters of civil law, administrative law, family law, labor law, inheritance law, housing law, and criminal law. 

Legal advice was also provided to clarify the civil procedures/proceedings before the court as well as to explain the administrative procedures applicable in settling cases with, among others, local government authorities. 

The most frequent places of interest are: Przemyśl and surroundings (Żurawica, Fredropol, Prałkowce, Krasiczyn, Bircza) as well as from the area of Subcarpathian province (Pruchnik, Lubaczów, Ustrzyki Dolne). 

In the area of civil law, the advice concerned such matters as: clarification of the conditions of inheritance of property, acceptance and rejection of inheritance, the division of inheritance, the formulation of a lawsuit for payment, the final call for payment from debtors, the formulation of an objection to a payment order in the proceedings by writ of payment and writ of payment, the division of joint ownership, eviction from apartment (these cases were largely related to the accumulation of debt, which in turn led to the ruling of eviction, these cases were combined with cases of housing law). 

In the field of family law, the advice concerned the following cases: divorce, alimony separation, establishing visitation with children, establishing property separation between spouses. 

Advice in the area of civil and family law involved at the same time the formulation of an application for exemption from court costs, as well as assistance in filling in a statement of assets of the family, which entitled to apply for such an exemption. In most cases, exemption from court costs was obtained. as well as exemption from the relative fee on the value of the dispute (one person received an exemption of about 3 thousand PLN). 

In the field of labor law, the advice concerned the following issues: interpretation of labor law regulations, employee rights and obligations, reinstatement, termination of employment contracts, or even the formulation of a claim for damages for harassment. 

As far as insurance law is concerned, the advice related to the following cases: determination of retirement and disability benefits, eligibility for early retirement (the cases from this scope were the most frequent due to the failure to inform the interested persons by the ZUS employees). These cases were also related to veterans' rights - these cases were referred to parliamentary intervention. 

The advice given concerned mostly administrative matters, related to administrative procedure before local and government administration bodies. Most often they helped in formulating letters to the President of the City of Przemyśl, heads of communes, heads of districts. Appeals were made against administrative decisions, which were directed to the Self-Government Appeal Court or to the Governor of Podkarpacie Province. 

Appeals were also made against the decisions of the government administration regarding expropriation of land for construction of the bypass of Przemyśl due to irregularities that occurred during expropriation (undervaluation of expropriated real estate, procedural errors). 

The matters concerning housing law or cooperative law are the area of the most frequent queries of the citizens. They mainly concern: tenants' rights in tenement houses taken over by new owners, provision of substitute housing, apartment purchase, tenants' rights in a conflict with a housing association or cooperative. 



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