Marek Kuchciński: We cannot afford to be represented in EP only by those who are effective only in the campaign, but first of all by those who are competent

- We are the heart of Europe, and not only geographically. Looking from the perspective of over two thousand years of European civilization, we talk about the roots on which the Union has grown, based on Christian values, Greek philosophy and Roman law. These are the references that shape our programme and we must remind them - Marek Kuchciński told TVP 3 Rzeszów in Jasionka.

One of the points in the Law and Justice Party's European declaration is the issue of security - both regarding border protection and energy security. Europe of equal opportunities and sustainable development are highlighted in several points.

- In my opinion, we should be clear: without a Europe based on solidarity and sustainable development, we will live in a world without balance, where the stronger take advantage of the weaker - Kuchciński noted.

The Speaker of the Sejm emphasized that common agricultural policy is important in Europe; equal access to goods and products manufactured by European companies, but not of worse quality than in e.g. Germany or France. Strong Europe must be based on the principle "free with free, equal with equal".

Asked about 500 plus Marek Kuchciński explained that it is a programme strengthening pro-family policy, keeping up with the standard of other EU countries, such as Sweden or Spain. The Marshal also referred to the support of entrepreneurship development. - Reduction of corporate tax to 9 percent is in these categories the biggest event in Europe - he said. He also emphasized the great importance for equalizing opportunities, which will be brought by the resignation from the PIT for young people - up to 26 years of age - or the restoration of communication, especially in the countryside in small towns.

Referring to the question about the Subcarpathian list for the European Parliament, he pointed out that it includes the best candidates, such as Tomasz Poręba, who has shown his effectiveness in the EP for many years, and the list is designed to promote this part of Poland in the country and in Europe. - Please remember that when we joined the EU, more than 60 percent of the powers of national authorities, including the Sejm and the Senate were transferred to the European Union. We cannot afford to be represented only by those who are effective in campaigns, but first of all by those who are competent," argued the Speaker.

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