The Committee on Foreign Affairs adopted by acclamation a draft resolution on Nord Stream 2

On Friday, June 11, a draft resolution on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was unanimously adopted during the foreign affairs committee. The committee members call on the governments of the EU and NATO partners, especially the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, to take urgent action to stop the construction of the gas pipeline.

Chairman Marek Kuchciński pointed out that the draft resolution was adopted beyond political divisions, in the spirit of loyalty to the Republic of Poland.

During the exchange between experts and MPs, the dangers of completing Nord Stream 2 and starting its operations were repeatedly highlighted. Nord Stream 2 exposes Ukraine (where there is already a war going on) and more broadly our Central European region to increasing energy and possibly even military danger.

The participants agreed that both the responsibility for this crisis and the key to its resolution lie in Berlin.


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dated June 11, 2021.

on the call on the governments of the European Union and NATO, including in particular
Government of the Federal Republic of Germany to take urgent action to stop the
the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

The Sejm of the Republic of Poland, out of solidarity with our
Central European neighbors threatened by Russian expansionism, including in
in particular with Ukraine, calls on the European Union and its Member States, including in particular
First of all, the Federal Republic of Germany as our ally in NATO and partner in the EU
European Union to withdraw any support for the Nord Stream project
Stream 2 and to take steps to immediately and effectively
to stop its construction. We urge you to do so in the name of respect for the values on which the
The European Union, in the name of solidarity with Ukraine and concern for stability and security in
Europe, as well as for increasing the Union's resilience to Russian pressure. We also call on the United States
United States of America, as our ally in NATO, to maintain and expand
sanctions against those involved in the construction of the pipeline. Further emphasis
political and economic from the U.S. side may contribute to the abandonment of
to continue this harmful project and to strengthen cooperation between countries
member states of the North Atlantic Alliance on issues critical to their security.
For 30 years, the European Union and NATO have made multiple efforts to
to arrange relations with Russia. All of them were treated by Russia as
preparing the ground for its imperial expansion, and the principles of law guiding them
international were brutally trampled by it in acts of armed aggression against Georgia
in 2008 and to Ukraine since 2014, the effects of which, in the form of illegal occupations of parts of their
territories, as well as the illegal secession of Transnistria from Moldova, is still ongoing.
Hydrocarbon exports are a source of financing for Russian armaments and as such are
an important instrument of Russia's aggressive policy, not only towards its neighbors, but
including other member states of the European Union. Nord Stream 2 has the sole purpose of
changing supply routes rather than diversifying them. The existing natural gas transportation capacity from
The fact is that the supplies from the eastern direction are sufficient to ensure the necessary supply of this
raw material to Europe. The project also violates the antitrust rules of the Third Package
Energy, combining ownership of gas fields and distribution networks, which is contrary to
European Union law.
The Russian Federation exerted massive military pressure this spring on
Ukraine, threatening the outbreak of a major military conflict on the borders of Poland and the European Union.
Nord Stream 2, allowing Russia to abandon gas transit through Ukrainian territory to
Its main customers, including the Federal Republic of Germany, will open the way for Russia to
of a large-scale armed assault on Ukraine, without risking the costs of disrupting
due to the warfare of the transit in question.
Numerous assassinations of political opponents and acts of terrorism are known to have been carried out
by state services of the Russian Federation in the territory of the Member States of the Union
European Union, including explosions at ammunition depots in Vrbetice in the Czech Republic and
in six locations in Bulgaria. The life of Russian opposition leader Alexei
Navalny, who was illegally imprisoned in a penal colony. Russia is also providing support
The repressive regime of Alexander Lukashenko, which usurped the right to exercise
power in Belarus against the will of the majority of its citizens expressed in the elections of August 9, 2020.
We are convinced that the acceptance of the continuation of the Nord Stream 2 project in the above
circumstances described is an acquiescence to the conduct of the Russian Federation
policies based on violations of international standards, human rights, violations of
integrity of neighboring states and exerting pressure on European Union and NATO countries.



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