Bilateral meetings at the start of the two-day international Parliamentary Summit at the Sejm and Senate

On June 4, meetings were held in Parliament with the participation of Sejm Speaker Marek Kuchcinski and Deputy Speaker Ryszard Terlecki with the Presidents of the Parliaments of Armenia, Turkey and Bulgaria, as well as MPs from bilateral groups. The talks accompanied the Fourth Summit of Presidents of Parliaments of Central and Eastern European countries. They mainly concerned mutual relations and cooperation between the countries. Agnieszka Kaczmarska, Head of the Chancellery of the Sejm, also participated in the meetings.

Speaker Kuchcinski met with Chairman of the National Assembly of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan. Among the issues discussed was parliamentary cooperation. They also discussed the current situation in Armenia and the experience of the Velvet Revolution. The Speaker of the Sejm referred to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Legislative Sejm and the restoration of Poland's independence. He also congratulated Armenian politicians for embarking on the path of democratization of the country. - We have a special affection for Armenia and the Armenian Parliamentary Assembly, among other reasons, because we attach importance to traditions and history, and we also remember that two years ago we celebrated the 650th anniversary of the Armenian Diaspora in Poland and the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and Armenia," Marshal Kuchcinski stressed. The topic of the #EUROVAW2019 summit was also raised during the conversation. - In the context of the changes that took place in our part of Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is worth exchanging experiences on how our countries view these 30-year changes. One of the fundamental foundations is the issue of security and the search for various forms of interstate cooperation, as well as ensuring security, or stability, in the entire region," said Marek Kuchcinski.

Chairman Mirzoyan noted that a Polish-Armenian Friendship Group has been established in parliament. He also stressed that he is aware that in present-day Poland, the Armenian Diaspora is guaranteed defense and functions well. The centuries-old presence of Armenians in Poland and the exemplary coexistence of this minority were also pointed out by the chairman of the Polish-Armenian parliamentary group, MP Tadeusz Woźniak, who met in the Sejm with Ruben Rubinyan, chairman of the Standing Committee on Foreign Relations of the ZN of Armenia. He also spoke about the good relations and cooperation within the Polish-Armenian parliamentary group, which has existed since 1991. He added that Poles can share experiences with Armenians especially in the field of local government, and the meeting during the special anniversary of the first partially free elections in 1989 further emphasizes the importance of maintaining relations between the two countries.

Chairman Emil Hristov expressed his gratitude for Poland's commitment at the EU forum to the integration of the Western Balkans and the defense of pan-European values and the self-determination of parliaments and nation-states. - This is the second time I have been invited to the #EUROVAW2019 summit for which I am extremely grateful to the Polish parliament. I greatly appreciate Deputy Speaker Terlecki's declared desire to expand parliamentary cooperation. Poland, by initiating cooperation in the Trilateral region, assumes the responsible role of leader of the countries in the region. Bulgaria recognizes this and is grateful for Poland's support in integrating the Western Balkans into the EU. We believe that the Polish-initiated Trilateral initiative will be properly evaluated at the EU forum, and the development of this integration will be supported by the EU," said the deputy chairman of Bulgaria's National Assembly.




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