The Polish Sejm expressed its gratitude to Polish teachers

On the occasion of the upcoming National Education Day, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland thanks the teachers of all Polish schools for their dedicated and persistent work.
The Sejm of the Republic of Poland expresses its highest appreciation to the many thousands of Polish teachers working on all continents. It thanks them for sacrificially fulfilling their mission, which is to teach outside the country the Polish language and subjects related to the history and present day of the Republic of Poland, as well as to maintain emotional, linguistic and cultural ties with Poland. The Sejm of the Republic of Poland expresses its deep gratitude for this work, often performed in difficult conditions, but so important for awakening and consolidating the sense of national identity of children and young people living outside Poland. It should be remembered that in undertaking this task, they choose to work socially or at most for symbolic honoraria.
Polish teachers teaching both in the East and West of Europe and on other continents face many adversities to provide their students with the opportunity to learn their native language and native culture in Polish schools - among their peers, in their native environment. They overcome many difficulties, for example, to obtain premises for the school or to pay for their sublease. Teachers in the East are also sometimes harassed because of their work. Despite these difficulties and the lack of proper remuneration, they consistently improve their pedagogical skills, modernize their workshop, expand their knowledge, and are increasingly effective in convincing Polish families that bilingualism promotes the development of their children and enriches them intellectually.
Many Polish teachers are parents themselves, who have taken up teaching, wishing to provide their children with the right conditions for learning their native language.
In their actions one can see the tradition of 19th-century strongwomen - for they are overwhelmingly women - who, regardless of difficulties and obstacles, carry out with passion and perseverance the task consciously undertaken. There are many such dedicated and selfless ambassadors of Polishness in various countries of the world. The Sejm of the Republic of Poland would like to express its gratitude to them today.
The Sejm of the Republic of Poland also thanks institutions and organizations that support Polish parents and teachers, and thanks the initiative to establish the Polish Day of Bilingualism, celebrated first in schools in the United States and now also in Europe, as a holiday for Polish teachers and the Polish language.
The Sejm of the Republic of Poland adopts this resolution in conviction of the special merits of Polish teachers as ambassadors of Polishness in the world.



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