Summary of the 11th Sejm session

The second part of the 11th session of the Sejm has ended. On the third, fourth and fifth day of the session, from 5 to 7 May, the deputies passed five bills and considered the Senate's position on the bill introducing correspondence voting in this year's presidential election.

Laws enacted:

Act on amending the Act on public roads and certain other laws. Creation of a modern and efficient electronic toll collection system The amendment to the Act on Public Roads, adopted by the Seym, is aimed at charging users travelling on toll road sections. Thanks to the regulations adopted by the Seym, it will be possible to pay the toll using a free mobile application.

An Act to Amend the Personal Income Tax ActThe Act on Corporate Income Tax, the Act on Lump Sum Income Tax on Certain Income Earned by Natural Persons and certain other acts. A number of simplifications for taxpayers provides for a package of changes to tax legislation passed by the Sejm. Among other things, the MPs adjusted the regulations to the current Polish Classification of Goods and Services of 2015. Disability authorities will prepare fewer PIT-40A documents. The Sejm also extended several deadlines related to the obligations imposed on taxpayers.

An Act to amend the Act relating to rural housewives' circles. Providing the Rural Housewives' Associations with financial assistance from the state budget in the total amount of PLN 40 million this year will be possible thanks to the regulations adopted by the Parliament. Over 11 thousand circles will be able to benefit from the aid. The passed act entrusts the Government Plenipotentiary for Local Social Initiatives with supervision over the activities of the circles.

An Act to amend the Act on Fertilizers and Fertilization and the Act on the State Inspection for Plant and Seed Protection. The law adopted by the Parliament implements EU regulations on the fertilizer market. Member States are required to designate a notifying authority responsible for developing and applying the procedures necessary for assessing and notifying bodies charged with assessing the conformity of EU fertilizer products and for monitoring notified bodies. The Act entrusts supervision of the fertilizer market to the State Inspectorate for Plant Protection and Seed Inspection.

Law on amending the law on the method of calculating the value of annual gross domestic product. The provisions adopted by the Sejm adjust the method of calculating the value of annual gross domestic product to the current legal status regarding the statistical territorial division of the country.

II readings

Act on amending the Act on the principles of development policy and certain other acts. The purpose of the project considered by the Sejm in the second reading is to prepare the consolidation of Poland's development management system and a phased introduction of a system of integrated strategies - national, provincial and local. The proposed legislation implements the provisions of the government's "Strategy for Responsible Development until 2020 (with an outlook to 2030). As amendments were tabled, the Sejm referred the draft back to the Infrastructure Committee and the Committee on Local Self-Government and Regional Policy to prepare a report.

An Act to amend the Act on EU type approval and market surveillance systems for internal combustion engines for non-road mobile machinery. The European Union has required member states to appoint approval authorities and market surveillance authorities for internal combustion engines intended for non-road machinery. These machines include locomotives, inland waterway vessels, excavators and rollers. The Sejm has referred the bill back to the Infrastructure Committee to present a report.

The Sejm also debated in the second reading the drafts of four Acts consenting to the ratification of international agreements: Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Singapore, of the other part; Framework Agreement between the EU and its Member States, of the one part, and Australia, of the other part; Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and its Member States, of the one part, and New Zealand, of the other part; and Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on environmental impact assessments and strategic environmental assessments in a transboundary context. The House decided to proceed to the third reading of all four drafts.

Consideration of Senate Resolution

The Sejm did not support the position of the Senate rejecting the bill on special rules for holding general elections for the President of the Republic of Poland ordered in 2020. Thus, it will go to the President.

Government information

The House adopted the information of the Council of Ministers on the situation of the elderly in Poland for 2018, together with the position of the Senior Policy Committee.

MPs also listened to the information of the Government on the situation in the credit market in connection with the effects of the pandemic COVID-19. The decision on taking note of the information will be made in the voting block.

The Sejm honored the memory of former MP Edward Brzostowski.

Members of Parliament observed a moment of silence in memory of Edward Brzostowski, a fourth-term Sejm deputy, local government member, entrepreneur, sports activist, and former president of the Polish Football Association, who passed away on May 1.

The 11th House will continue its 11th session on Thursday, May 14.

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