The Sejm has passed 27 laws

Facilitations for entrepreneurs, e-vouchers, reconstruction of vocational education, fight against doping in sports, the law on the national holiday of November 12, 2018, among others, are the results of the three-day 71st session of the Sejm. MPs also rejected a civic bill providing for the abolition of the obligation of certain vaccinations.

The Sejm amended the Education Law and the Education System Act. The aim of the changes is to rebuild the prestige of vocational education in Poland. It is to be done by improving the quality and efficiency of education in schools and institutions.

The House passed amendments to certain bills, making simplifications for entrepreneurs in tax and economic law. One of the most important assumptions is the introduction of "small taxpayer" status in PIT and CITwhich will be granted to companies with sales of up to €2 million per year (currently it is €1.2 million).

Amending a number of laws to make it easier for farmers to sell their food to stores and restaurants will enable farmers to sell their produce directly and reach a larger group of consumers.

MPs decided to pass changes in the Law on identity cards. Proposed solutions will enable the issuance of identity cards with an electronic layer, or so-called e-cards, from March next year.

Amendment of the Law on Maritime Fisheries Uniforms the manner in which inspections of commercial and recreational fishing operators are conducted. The new legislation establishes a Chief Marine Fisheries Inspector.

The Sejm decided on establishment of the Central Europe Institute The Institute of East-Central Europe will be replaced by the Institute of Central and Eastern Europe. The new institute is to be a strategic resource in the field of national foreign policy within the Tri-Countries.

The amendment to the Act on reimbursement of excise tax contained in the price of diesel used for agricultural production assumes increase the limit of diesel fuel consumed per 1 ha of agricultural crops.

Members adopted a paragraphhe Act on special measures to implement the Budget Act for 2019. The document provides for, among other things, changes in the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund.

The Sejm has decided to pass Amendments to certain laws in connection with strengthening the supervision and protection of investors in the financial market. The amendment changes the way the Financial Supervisory Commission and the Office of the Financial Supervisory Commission are funded.

The Chamber decided on the enactment of two laws to improve environmental protection. Amendment of the Act The Act on supporting thermomodernization and renovations provides for public co-financing of, among others, thermal insulation of houses and replacement of outdated boilers or coal-fired furnaces with more environmentally friendly heating. In turn, the amendment of the Act on Personal Income Tax and the Act on Lump Sum Income Tax introduces a tax credit designed to provide an incentive for thermal upgrades to single-family residential buildings.

In connection with the need to improve provisions concerning procedures, the scope of tasks of the National Fiscal Administration and to specify regulations relating to employment and service in the Customs and Fiscal Service, The Sejm amended the law on KAS.

Adopted by the Sejm Law on debt restructuring of entities operating agricultural holdings creates new forms of aid for indebted entities.

The Sejm also amended the Energy Law today. One of the most important changes is introduction of the exchange obligationThe obligation to sell the generated electricity was modified by increasing it from 30 to 100 percent.

Members also decided on the extension until the end of 2023 of budgetary financing for the restructuring of the hard coal mining sector and by extension of the planning period for detailed directions of reconstruction and technical modernization of the Polish Armed Forces from 10 to 15 years.

The law on financial support of audiovisual production assumes that Polish Film Institute will financially support the production of audiovisual works created in Poland.

Amendments to the Act on The Technical Supervision Act adjusts the provisions of the Act to the current legal status. They are also intended to increase the safety of operation of technical devices.

The Parliament amended the Law on Medical Activity. New regulations will allow physiotherapists to practice as part of their professional practice.

Changes in the Law on Proceedings before Administrative Courts implement European Union law and concern the regulation of matters relating to the judicial review of visa decisions taken by a consul.

The amendments to the Act on Combating Doping in Sport adopted by the Parliament provide for separation of the Department of Anti-Doping Research from the Sports Institute - National Research Institute and establishment of Polish Anti-Doping Laboratory.

MPs decided on amendments to the Law on Police. New provisions separate the anti-terrorist subdivisions of the Police from the prevention service and create the counter-terrorist service.

In the third reading, the Sejm adopted an amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure Act. The law adjusts the legal system to the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal with respect to regulations relating to partnerships other than general partnerships.

The Parliament decided to ratify the Amendments to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, done in Montreal on 16 September 1987, adopted in Kigali on 15 October 2016. The document creates a framework and principles for joint action by countries to protect the ozone layer.

MEPs also decided to terminate agreements on the promotion and mutual protection of investments between Poland and Romania and the Czech Republic. The new rules remove from circulation international agreements that are contrary to the EU legal order.

The Act on The National Debt Register sets out the rules for keeping the register and aims to apply the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of the EU.

The Sejm decided on the final wording of four laws

MPs considered the Senate's amendments to the Act on the Polish Press Agency, the Act on the State Labour Inspectorate, the Act on Circles of Rural Housewives and the Act on Electronic Invoicing in Public Procurement, Concessions for Construction Works or Services and Public-Private Partnership. The Acts will now be sent to the President for signature.

Current information and questions on current issues

The Sejm listened to current information on the protest of uniformed services officers. Representatives of the government answered questions of the MPs concerning, among others, the draft regulation on the pilot program of care within the oncological network, improvement of working conditions and salaries in the Police, increase in electricity prices or increased incidence of measles.
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