Carpathian Europe - invitation to discussion

Dear Sirs,

            XXVI Conference Europe of the Carpathians organized by the Polish Parliament in cooperation with, among others, the W. Felczak Institute, the Carpathian Euroregion and the National Museum of Przemysl Land, took place on 21-23 February 2020 in Krasiczyn and Przemysl.

            Invited guests from several countries of Central and Eastern Europe discussed current issues and perspectives of cooperation. The discussions touched upon the basic problems of the societies of the Carpathian region as well as issues having pan-European dimension. The debates began with the fundamental questions of the shape of the European Union, its current state and the projects of its transformation.

            Ministers of Communication of several countries Central and Eastern European transport ministers and experts discussed transport infrastructure transport infrastructure and functioning of communication in the whole Tri-City area, particularly discussing the implementation of such projects as Via Carpatia, Via Baltica, Rail Baltica, Central Communication Port... Ministers of development discussed activities for the Carpathian Strategy. They also discussed the Visegrad Group on the eve of its 30th anniversary of its establishment. Our four countries are still united by common interests Our four countries are still united by common interests in the fields of security, environmental protection and tourism. experience has proven that joint actions are more effective. The The conference also presented the achievements of intensive parliamentary cooperation in Central and The achievements of intensive parliamentary cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe were also presented.

            This year's Conference Europe of the Carpathians This year's Conference Europe of the Carpathians was enriched by new issues - entering the area of culture, which is the basis of existence of nations in the Carpathian region and a factor rapprochement and effective cooperation in the situation of European and global rivalry.

            The participants discussed the systems of values functioning in Central and Eastern Europe, axiological threats, and factors stimulating values. Prominent figures were presented who had successfully put values into practice, influencing the processes of regaining collective and personal freedom and building a valuable reality after the overthrow of communist totalitarianism. Closely connected with the world-view and cultural issues was a panel devoted to the eminent English philosopher Roger Scruton, a friend of Central European nations - a thinker who frequented Krasiczyn and to whom we owe much.

            New ideas were introduced to the rich tradition of the Carpathian Europe Conference discussion meetings and accompanying events of the 1st International Forum for Youth Forum of the Carpathian Region and the "Tri-Carpathian" Initiative, which took place in Przemysl, on the first day of the XXVI Conference Europe of the Carpathians.

Dear Sirs,

            as we receive a number of concrete proposals for the future, we propose to start a discussion about cooperation in Central Europe and in the Europe of the Carpathians. We invite you to reflect on what the Europe of the Carpathians means to each of us, on what has been achieved and what challenges we are facing: What next? How to proceed? Why further? And who is worth remembering?

            Do we have concrete visions for 2020, the year after, and - in the perspective of the next generation - what should happen so that Central Europe, in the broad sense of the word, could become itself, could become a full-fledged part of the EU and become as much a keystone of Europe and Asia as an anchor of the world, where family, nation/community, religion, civil rights, etc. are the most important?

            We intend to publish the materials on, under the tab Europe of the Carpathians, as well as expand the discussion through interested media and web portals. Address for correspondence: [email protected]. They will also be helpful in preparing for future conferences and meetings.

We cordially invite you to cooperate with us

          Marek Kuchciński

President of the Carpathian

    Parliamentary Team,

March 2020

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