How to unleash the economic potential of Podkarpacie. Sustainable development of the country one of the priorities of the government

The biggest economic event of the year - the 590 Congress - was held in Jasionka near Rzeszów. The event was attended by 4.5 thousand people, including the president, prime minister and ministers. Its task is to support domestic brands, encourage the purchase of local products, and develop shopping patriotism. This year's third edition of the 590 Congress is special, because it takes place on the centennial of Poland's independence. Speakers focused on the Polish economy; its strengths and weaknesses. During 94 panel debates were discussed how to release the economic potential of Poland. The speakers focused, among others, on technology, investment, energy, environmental policy, trade and export. It is no coincidence that the Congress is organized in Podkarpacie, which is becoming the capital of entrepreneurship and innovation. The region is also a leader in the use of EU funds - in total, by the end of 2017, the provincial government had contracted PLN 994 million in funds for 2014-2020.

  • Sustainable national development is one of the government's priorities. So far, it has been able to significantly reduce unemployment, which in Podkarpackie fell from 12.9% in XI 2015 to 8.7% in VI 2018.
  • In the eastern part of the country, the problem of unequal wages is particularly significant. Workers now have a guaranteed wage floor and guaranteed annual salary adjustments.
  • The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology introduces a package of over 100 changes for entrepreneurs that will make setting up, running and accounting for business easier. This will benefit more than 173 thousand existing companies in the province. Changes to the most onerous regulations that make it difficult to run a business began in 2016. To date, more than 100 changes have already come into force, including the extension of entrepreneurial protection by interpreting all ambiguities in favor of the entrepreneur or appointing an Ombudsman for Small and Medium Enterprises.

The voivodeship authorities formed by the Law and Justice party, recognizing the need to develop entrepreneurship and strengthen the regional economy, have successfully undertaken numerous activities, including:

  • Podkarpackie Development Fund Sp. z o.o. was established - for the support of SMEs in the region, gradually fed with money from repayable instruments of the previous perspective, provides capital for entrepreneurship.
  • The Podkarpackie Innovation Centre sp. z o.o. was established. - Its mission is to combine science with entrepreneurship, commercialization of research and ordered research, awakening of entrepreneurial creativity of young people (they will create business locally instead of leaving).
  • Activity of the Investor and Exporter Assistance Centre - attracting investors, support is in attracting investments, support for exporters, advisory assistance and training for regional companies, search for business partners for companies.
  • Local authorities consistently support entrepreneurship through business environment institutions. RARR S.A. - advisory support for entrepreneurship, transfer of advanced technologies, management of the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park, incubation of new companies, cooperation with universities, implementation of projects for start-ups. The project Podkarpacka Platforma Wsparcia Biznesu (Podkarpackie Business Support Platform) provides an opportunity for increasing professionalisation of services provided by business support institutions in terms of market expectations.
  • The key to the development of the region's economy is strengthening innovative, competitive companies able to compete on European and global markets. As smart specializations of the region, piS indicates key industries such as: aerospace, quality of life, information and communication technology (ICT) and automotive.
  • We are currently implementing our own project under the RPO WP 2014-2020 dedicated to smart specializations and we support companies in these industries. In addition, we are conducting an entrepreneurial discovery process for the identification of new opportunity sectors that may become further specializations.
  • An important factor in the development of the regional economy is the opportunity to meet, present one's potential and build business contacts. This aim is served by the Podkarpackie Exhibition and Congress Centre as a venue for international economic congresses, exhibitions and trade fairs.
  • Package for medium-sized cities: a package of measures for medium-sized cities losing their socio-economic functions was developed as one of the strategic projects of the SOR. The package for medium-sized cities covers 13 centers in the Podkarpackie voivodeship: Dębica, Jarosław, Jasło, Krosno, Łańcut, Mielec, Nisko, Przemyśl, Przeworsk, Ropczyce, Sanok, Stalowa Wola, Tarnobrzeg.


  • It will take care of the development of the Podkarpackie Innovation Centre and the promotion of Podkarpackie companies and investment areas. It will stimulate private development investments using instruments offered by state agencies operating within the PFR group, e.g. ARP.
  • It will assist small and medium-sized businesses in obtaining long-term financing for capital projects.
  • It will develop "Intelligent Specializations" selected in the Podkarpackie Province and identify new, innovative and developing branches of the economy.
  • Will provide support to Podkarpackie entrepreneurs in obtaining funding from state agencies.
  • We will provide comprehensive advisory support to entrepreneurs applying for the right to relief within the newly created nationwide Special Economic Zone.
  • It will work with PFR to implement the Open Innovations program, which aims to stimulate Polish technological innovation through public-private financing. The ultimate beneficiaries (innovative technology companies with an R&D component) can collectively count on recapitalization of between PLN 5 million and approximately PLN 20-30 million (up to a maximum of PLN 60 million) between 2017 and 2023.
  • We will be building industrial halls for rent for innovative enterprises, manufacturing start-ups that do not have the capacity to start a production process, with the participation of BGK.
  • It will implement the Time Bank project. Time banks allow for exchange of services within the community. The role of currency is played here by the time spent on a given activity, and the whole is supervised by special websites. Popularization of time banks will increase social activity and will become a natural source of entrepreneurship development.
  • Will support the development of financial services for small and medium-sized businesses through the Podkarpackie Development Fund.
  • Blue San Strategic Program - to raise the standard of living of the residents of municipalities along the San River with effective use of diverse endogenous resources.
  • Program of Strategic Development of Bieszczady - increase in the standard of living and living conditions of the inhabitants with effective use of endogenous resources.

Cooperation with the Government on the implementation of the Programme for the Bieszczady Mountains: The aim of the Programme is to improve development opportunities and accelerate the development of the area through undertakings and initiatives undertaken from the national level, complementary to the activities implemented at the regional and local levels. The Programme aims to create an effective forum for cooperation and exchange of experience between these actors and the Government to develop the region.

The Program is addressed to communes in Bieszczady (Czarna, Lutowiska and Ustrzyki Dolne), Lesko (Baligród, Cisna, Lesko, Olszanica, Solina), Sanok (Komańcza Zagórz, Tyrawa Wołoska) and Przemysl (Bircza) counties, but the positive effects of the Program will also be felt in neighboring towns.





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