Meeting with the President of the French Parliament

Sejm Speaker Marek Kuchcinski stressed the need to intensify cooperation between the parliaments of Poland and France and to establish a forum for cooperation between parliaments, friendship groups or experts.

With the accelerating transmission of information in cyberspace and the misunderstanding of information, more frequent contact is necessary. According to the Speaker of the Sejm, the issue of disinformation is particularly relevant to the whole area of the rule of law and the rule of law in Poland - domestic relations issues related to the judiciary are raised as violations of the law in Poland. - The majority that took power in Poland two years ago recognized that the rules for the election of judges, such as the NCJ or the TK, should be brought in line with Western European standards. We are being denied this right, and our efforts are causing outrage in some European countries. One gets the impression that the EU is adopting the point of view of the opposition, not that of Poland's ruling majority," Marek Kuchciński argued. This is all the more so because clarification of these issues on the part of Poland's state authorities in the international arena is difficult. An example is the two-time visit of the EC, which assessed the matter superficially and, influenced by erroneous premises, drew the wrong conclusions. According to the Sejm Speaker, we should strive to change the organization of the EU so as to strengthen it, in order to avoid another Brexit. - Since the beginning of Poland's existence in the EU, the progressive encroachment of EU institutions into the competences of member states has been noticeable, and the poor turnout in the elections to the European Parliament indicates little trust in EU institutions, he said.

The Speaker also referred to the IPN law. He pointed out that in the face of Poland's accusations of complicity in the Holocaust, we had to react. - There has been no such reaction for 70 years. I think Poland fell victim to internal political situations in Israel. Hence the violent reaction of Israeli representatives to the bill (Two years ago, the bill went to the Sejm, work began on it, which was completed six months ago. For six months, no one raised any objections to the provisions of the bill).

French Senate President Gerard Lacher supported the idea of a forum to discuss sensitive topics - whether in the framework of the Polish-French dialogue or the Weimar Triangle. He agreed that it should be a quick initiative, which he will immediately present to the French Senate. He noted that the parliaments' terms of reference would be well understood not through media translations, but through direct contacts.

Gerard Larcher also highlighted a special historic moment in relations between our nations. - Britain's departure from the EU is becoming a reality, and as such, this could be a moment to solidify the foundations of the EU, he said. He also pointed to the optimistic attitude of French entrepreneurs, according to whom Polish policies do not affect the stability of companies in Poland.

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