Meetings with inhabitants of Warmia and Mazury

On April 6-7, 2013 Deputy Speaker Marek Kuchciński participated in meetings with residents of Warmia and Mazury and Podlasie. Jarosław Kaczyński - President of Law and Justice party and Law and Justice politicians: Beata Szydło, Joachim Brudziński, Mariusz Blaszczak, Mariusz Kamiński and Marek Kuchciński visited the following provinces: Dolnośląskie, Lubuskie, Wielkopolskie, Łódzkie, Świętokrzyskie, Mazowieckie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Zachodniopomorskie.

These meetings are held as part of the "Talks with Poles about Poland" campaign. The purpose of the meetings is to reach as many people as possible with direct information about the solutions proposed by the Law and Justice party during the crisis in the areas most important for Poland, such as labor, taxes, pensions, health.

During meetings with residents and local authorities of Działdów, Nidzica, Szczytno, Małkinia Górna, Monki, Grajewo, and Zambrow many issues were raised that residents of small towns have to deal with on a daily basis, including

- Growing unemployment and residents' indignation at the lack of prospects, the departure of young people and even entire families abroad to find work;

- schools for 6-year-olds,

- Whether it is possible to return to a free second major,

- the issue of liquidation of Open Pension Funds,

- change in the National Health Service, securing government funding for hospital expansion,

- Violations and non-compliance with labour law by entrepreneurs

- Employees with many years of experience are dismissed and young people are hired on so-called "junk" contracts,

- Questions about the letter of intent regarding the gas pipeline with Russia, indignation at the Polish government for hiding this matter,

- question on the introduction of the euro.

A number of local issues were addressed at the meetings:

- the problem of eliminating the train station,

- Lack of development of cities in the south of the province: Nidzica, Działdowo; development of northern cities due to the origin of the Marshal,

- Questions about geothermal energy in Warmia and Mazury, the issue of low-heated water and the interests of the ruling Sejmik authorities,

- reclamation of forest areas and gravel and sand pits, request to amend the law so that such areas can be reclaimed first by people who have the education and experience for this purpose,

- construction and modernization of bypasses and roads in the district - the current authorities do not modernize roads, only the sections that are "needed" by them.

Residents also expressed concern about the energy security of Warmia and Mazury due to the strengthening of the so-called Kaliningrad system - among other things through the provision in the strategy of the province concerning energy security (there is a provision in the strategy to buy energy from the nuclear power plant built in Kaliningrad).

On the way to Szczytno in Jedwabno flowers were laid in front of the obelisk commemorating the victims of Katyn and Smolensk located near the parish church.

In Szczytno, prior to the meeting, the delegation with the participation of Vice-Marshal Marek Kuchciński laid flowers at the Lech Kaczyński Square.

After the open meeting, flowers were laid in front of the obelisk dedicated to those killed in the Smolensk catastrophe, located in the parish of St. Brother Albert.


From local media:

"In the club room of the Municipal House of Culture in Grajewo a meeting with the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland Marek Kuchciński took place. Talks from the series: "Poland is one. Talks about Poland and the region" series, were also attended by Law and Justice MPs Krzysztof Jurgiel, Lech Kołakowski, former Law and Justice MP Kazimierz Gwiazdowski, and Law and Justice Senator Bohdan Paszkowski.

In his speech Kuchciński described the situation of Poland and the enormity of the mistakes made by the current PO government, which doom the average citizen of Poland to poverty. He also presented the PiS program, which the party will start implementing once it takes power in the country.

The first issue that PiS will deal with after taking power is pensions. We will restore the retirement age to 60 and introduce the choice of belonging to ZUS or OFE (Open Pension Fund) - Kuchcinski said.

The changes are also to concern taxes, reduction of VAT, appropriate changes in income tax, taxation of large supermarkets that pay gigantic amounts of money abroad, and banks. PiS is to restore the "Family on its own" program for young couples, which was abolished by the PO, and not to allow the introduction of the cadastral tax, through which families can lose their possessions within a few years.

The meeting was preceded by a Mass at the Holy Trinity Church for the intention of the victims of the Smolensk disaster and the laying of flowers at the plaque commemorating the tragedy."



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