Sejm extends support for people with disabilities

In October, a bill that has just been adopted by the Parliament will come into force, guaranteeing a benefit of up to 500 PLN per month to persons incapable of independent existence, while the total amount of this benefit and benefits financed from public funds cannot exceed 1600 PLN.  

The solutions adopted in this term of the Sejm have brought significant support to people with disabilities, and the financial outlay from the state budget for this purpose has increased by as much as PLN 4 billion. In 2018, PLN 19.5 billion went to people with disabilities and their caregivers. For example:

- The social pension for the disabled increased by PLN 360 - from PLN 739.58 in 2015 to PLN 1100 - adults with disabilities are entitled to

- For the first time in more than 12 years, the amount of the nursing allowance, which in 2018 increased by PLN 31.42 and this year will increase to PLN 215.84, has been increased - it is available to all disabled persons incapable of independent existence 

- The nursing benefit in 2019 is 1583 PLN, last year it was 1477 PLN and in 2015. - 1200 PLN - the nursing benefit is due to parents who gave up work to care for a disabled child (also an adult child)

- For the first time since its introduction, the special care allowance and the carer's allowance have also been increased. Special care allowance is granted if the income in the family does not exceed PLN 764; special care allowance and guardian's allowance are not granted if a nursing benefit has been granted.

- Additionally, children with disabilities can count on support from the Family 500 plus program - 500 plus is available until the age of 18.

- Adding up the benefits, in 2019 a parent can count on PLN 3087.42 per month, which is more than a thousand PLN more than in 2015

- Co-financing annual participation of the participant in the occupational therapy workshop will increase from PLN 14,796 in 2015 to PLN 18,996 in 2020.

Disabled person over 18 years old - social pension, attendance allowance for parent and attendance allowance for child, i.e. increase of 360+383+31.42 PLN = 774.42 plus 500 PLN from October (if meets criteria).

Disabled child under 18 years of age - 500 plus per child, attendance allowance, and attendance allowance, so an increase of 500+383+31.42 = 914.42 PLN.




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