Report from the meeting in Nysa On Sunday (May 12th - note by the admin) Nysa hosted the Vice-Marshal of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński. The hall of the Nysa museum, where the meeting took place, was filled to the brim. Among those present there were mostly supporters and members of the Law and Justice party. The meeting was held as part of the "Talks with Poles about Poland" campaign.

Deputy Speaker of the Sejm presented the current political situation in the country. As he revealed, it is even worse than it seems, because the central media do not report everything.

In his opinion, the Platform's rule is leading Poland into an abyss, which is felt most by ordinary citizens. Kuchciński also presented the PiS program and the party's ideas for the future. - First of all, lowering the tax burden, which hampers the development of the country and hits the poorest. Donald Tusk promised to reduce VAT next year, but he does not intend to keep these promises - he said. He argued that Law and Justice would introduce tax relief for entrepreneurs hiring new employees, especially young people.

Protection of small businesses and crafts will also be an important element of economic development. He announced that after PiS comes to power, the non-payment of taxes by the richest will end. - Banks and hypermarkets must be taxed - he said.

He also announced that the first decision of his party after winning the elections would be to change the retirement age and return to the old rules. He called the government's manipulation of the Open Pension Funds' money a scandal. In his opinion, they turned out to be a bigger fraud than the National Investment Funds, which squandered national wealth.

- Since 1999, OFEs have collected 470 billion zlotys from Poles," he stressed. - If someone is told that after years of saving they will receive 80 złoty of pension, it is one big scam - he did not hide it. He reminded that Open Pension Funds were introduced in times when Jerzy Buzek, currently a leading politician of Platforma (Civic Platform), was a prime minister. - PiS will want to hold a referendum on this issue so that the society decides how the pension system should look like.

Kuchciński also said that he is in favor of the program to fight the demographic crisis proposed by experts Prof. Piotr Gliński (PiS candidate for prime minister).

- The proposal of PLN 1,000 for each child in a family is a sensible idea which is a real way to stop the decrease in the number of children in our country. The state should pay this money because it is in its interest - he stressed.

Nysa County residents also asked the Deputy Speaker questions about local and state issues.



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