The Prime Minister's Council of Political Advisors on the housing needs of Poles

Government support for housing financing and reduction of formalities for construction of houses up to 70 sqm - these are the main topics of the meeting of the Council of Political Advisors with the participation of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. During the meeting, the strategic objectives of the country's development and current topics of domestic and external policy were also discussed.

Helping you realize the dream of your own four corners

The government wants as many Poles as possible to have a stable housing situation. Currently, many families can afford to take out a loan for an apartment or to build a house, but the obstacle is the own contribution. That is why one of the main topics discussed during the last meeting of the Council of Policy Advisors were the bills already adopted by the Council of Ministers: on guaranteed housing credit and on repayment of such credit in connection with enlargement of households and on amendments to the Act - Construction Law and the Act on Planning and Spatial Development, submitted by the Minister of Development and Technology. These are key projects that implement the principles of the Polish Order.

  • Apartment without own contribution

The Polish Deal addresses the difficulties - it increases the availability of financing for own housing. This solution will cover three groups of people:

  • those who want their first apartment from the primary market,
  • Those looking for housing on the secondary, community market,
  • Those who want to build their own home.

The state, through Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, will guarantee an own contribution of up to 20 percent up to the amount of PLN 100,000 for a period of at least 15 years. The solution will be addressed to the young - from 24 to 40 years old.

Importantly, after the birth of the second child, a family with a guaranteed loan could receive up to PLN 20,000 in non-refundable funding, after the birth of the third child up to PLN 60,000, and the fourth and subsequent children up to PLN 20,000. (in proportion to the guarantee granted earlier).

  • House to 70 m2 without formalities

Saving time and money - this will guarantee the reduction of formalities in the construction of houses up to 70 m2. After the changes, construction will be possible without a permit, manager and construction book. The construction process will be shortened even by a few weeks. In this way, we will reduce redundant formalities. What is important, it also means savings for the investor - at least several thousand zlotys.

Experts from various fields - Council of Policy Advisors

The Council of Policy Advisors is an advisory body to the Prime Minister. 21 people have been appointed to the Council in March 2021. They are specialists in various fields, experienced in both parliamentary and local government work.

The main task of the Council of Political Advisers is to assess the political and economic situation of the country - especially in crisis situations. In addition, members of the Council are engaged in presenting proposals, assessments and opinions on political and strategic objectives for the development of the country, as well as on the directions of internal and external policy - in order to ensure the growth of the international position of Poland and the prosperity of its citizens.

source: KPRM

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