Cultural Association of Przemyśl invites to discussion on diversity and development of the Carpathians

On Friday, the castle in Krasiczyn will host the 33rd edition of the international conference Europe of the Carpathians, during which experts discuss current problems of the region.

Europe of the Carpathians is a land of great diversity: biological - the greatest biodiversity in Europe - and cultural. A land of common values, but also of contradictions, a land that is still as if on the sidelines of the world, where time passes more slowly and where it is the mountains that have imposed on man the way he shapes his environment. The potential of the centuries-old neighbourhood of societies of the Carpathian regions and the rich culture of the mountain regions is the result of the cross-fertilisation of the influences from East and West, the common experience of history, as well as the pastoral traditions. The conference serves to create ideas and discuss what should be done so that this unique corner of Poland could preserve its unique nature, traditions and also catch up with the development of other areas of our country. What should be done so that the popularity of the Carpathians equals that of the Alps, the inhabitants benefit from tourism, and the Carpathian products are known for their quality and originality?

Sustainable development is about finding the intersections between many needs and putting them on a development path based on respect for our heritage. This heritage includes culture, nature, technical and economic achievements. It is necessary to understand the 'soul' of the Carpathians in order to create solutions that will stand the test of time. Introduce changes that will not be artificially imposed and in the following decades will be absorbed by a strong internal identity of the region. Strong internally, but not closed. Carpathians should be well connected and thoughts should permeate each other. Good communication means saved time, but also knowledge and development. The Old Continent must unite in the face of challenges posed by threats - it is worth looking at this part of Europe also through the prism of Russia's aspirations, the need to stabilize the region and strengthen the eastern flank of NATO. We are working on strengthening the Carpathian cooperation and on a strategy that, like the Alpine or Baltic strategy, will help to protect nature and develop this wonderful region. This is a great opportunity that we cannot waste.

You are cordially invited to attend the conference.

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