PiS Chairman in Podkarpacie: Our value is credibility. Everything that was announced has been accomplished

Credibility, equal rights, freedom, Christianity, Polish culture - these were the values that resonated strongest during the Law and Justice party conventions in Krosno and Rzeszow in Podkarpacie region. Both PiS chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski and district leader Marek Kuchcinski emphasized that thanks to the ruling party equal opportunities policy is possible, and thus - the sustainable development of Poland, especially its eastern regions.

- In four years, we have gained one very basic value, something that is priceless. We have gained credibility', said the chairman of the Law and Justice party in Krosno. Krosno. - Everything that was announced was accomplished - he added. Jarosław Kaczyński argued that so far there has not been a civilization that that treated people so well, that led to equality of rights, that introduced All this came into being thanks to Christianity.

The former Prime Minister reminded that the Civic Platform governments were wasted time for Poland. For eight years our country, instead of being reformed, was robbed. He assured that with the continuation of the current economic policy in 14 years He assured that if the current economic policy is continued, in 14 years we will be at an average European level. He assured that if the current economic policy is continued, we will be at the average European level in 14 years.

- I hope that the strong mobilization given to us by President Kaczyński will encourage us and we will have a better result than in the EP ELECTIONS. Here we had over 65 percent, second place in Poland - began the speech deputy Marek Kuchciński.

- We are developing in the region, but there would not be such successes and Such a development of Podkarpacie would not be possible without the support of the Law and Justice party and the fact that We are one team - said Marek Kuchciński.

The former Speaker of the Sejm also argued that cooperation between the local government and the government in Warsaw brings excellent results. One of them, which is supposed to be a giant developmental impulse for the region, is the Via Carpathia transport route. - We owe this road to Lech Kaczyński. In my opinion, Mr President, it should be named after Lech Kaczyński - said Kuchciński.

PiS has many more achievements supporting sustainable development and increasing economic attractiveness of Podkarpacie. We should mention, for example:

  • reconstruction of the PKP wagon factory in Gniewczyna
  • reconstruction of the gas, oil and chemical industry (exemplified by the rescue and expansion of the refineries in Jasło and Jedlicze)
  • the decision to build the Kąty-Myscowa reservoir (to improve not only flood safety, but also the safety of drinking water resources in Podkarpacie)
  • development of Autosan in Sanok (in the next four years, the PGZ Group company has a chance to produce 1500 electric vehicles)
  • establishment of PKP CARGO TERMINALE in Żurawica
  • A large government program for the Bieszczady Mountains, which includes the construction of the Central Sports Center, a gondola lift over the Solina dam, or a comprehensive improvement of safety and exposure of the landscape values of the Bieszczady voivodship roads.


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Before the election convention Law and Justice MPs took part in the Holy Mass for the Homeland in the Sanctuary of St. Andrew Bobola in Strachocin near Sanok.



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