Law and Justice closer to the people. Let's talk about Poland together

Thousands of kilometers driven, hundreds of cities visited, tens of thousands of Poles participating in the meetings - this is, after several weeks, the balance of the tour of Poland by the chairman of the Law and Justice party and politicians from the party leadership.

"I have always valued and still value the most direct contact with Poles," says Jaroslaw Kaczynski, "This is an opportunity to show our ideas without any hypocrisy or media misrepresentation. I convince that we are a real alternative to bad governments, that it is in the well-understood interest of millions of Poles to vote for Law and Justice," adds the Law and Justice chairman.

PiS President Jarosław Kaczyński, party vice-presidents Beata Szydło, Mariusz Kamiński, Adam Lipiński, as well as deputy speaker of the Polish Sejm Marek Kuchciński, head of the PiS Parliamentary Club Mariusz Blaszczak, and chairman of the Executive Committee Joachim Brudziński plan to visit all districts. During the meetings, Law and Justice politicians talk directly to residents and representatives of local authorities, familiarize them with the Law and Justice program and, above all, listen to the problems that millions of Poles live with every day.


Above, photos from the meeting on May 19 of this year of the Deputy Speaker of the Polish Parliament Marek Kuchcinski and Ms. Anna Paluch with the residents of Nowy Targ.

Growing unemployment, poorly functioning health care, low pensions, lack of prospects for young people, demographic collapse, labor emigration, the difficult situation of residents of rural areas and smaller towns, where institutions important to local communities are being liquidated - these are problems that the current government is unable to cope with. Law and Justice politicians present specific solutions, including bills, showing that Law and Justice is the only real alternative to the bad and incompetent government of Donald Tusk.

Meetings with Law and Justice politicians provide an opportunity to get to know our ideas on how to solve Poland's problems. This is why we thank you for your participation in these meetings. Please actively support us in building a solidary, just, modern, strong and safe Poland.

At you will find reports from meetings that have already taken place and information about places we will visit in the near future. We invite you to participate in meetings with PiS politicians. Spread the word about where we will be to your loved ones, neighbors and friends.

Let's talk about Poland together!



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