Over PLN 21 million for a thorough modernization of a complex of music schools in Przemyśl

“Thanks to the thermal modernization program, both students, teachers and parents can use a modern facility that we have moved into the 21st century. Similar works have been carried out in 140 art schools in recent years. 20 new concert halls were also built in music schools, often located in small towns,” said Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage, prof. Piotr Gliński during the opening of the Complex of State Music Schools named after Artur Malawski in Przemyśl after the completion of the thermomodernization project.

The Deputy Prime Minister reminded that over the last seven years the budget of the Ministry of Culture was increased by over 100% - from PLN 3.5 billion to over PLN 7 billion. A total of over PLN 1.5 billion has been allocated for investments in art education.

The Ministry provided funds for this investment, for thermal modernization of the school, but it was possible to carry it out thanks to good hosts and efficient organizers. If the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage has implemented or is implementing 6,272 investments for seven years, it is only thanks to the good work of investors, all sectors and all political options. We also implement large projects, such as the campus of the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz or the expansion of the Academy of Music in Katowice - said prof. Piotr Glinski.

The head of the Ministry of Culture emphasized that the scale of investments is important and must be prepared to meet the needs of the school.

The Ministry is here to support such initiatives, engage in them in cooperation with the community and local government. We implement the public good, which ultimately translates into all these investments and activities, pointed out the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Minister of Culture and National Heritage thanked the school management and employees as well as architects and contractors whose cooperation had brought such good results.

Modernization and purchase of equipment for ZPSM in Przemyśl

As part of the project implemented by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2020-2022 under the name "Comprehensive energy modernization of selected art education facilities in Poland", the school received funding in the amount of PLN 19.5 million. A comprehensive reconstruction and thermal modernization of 3 historic school buildings was carried out. The works carried out underlined their historical character.

In the years 2016-2022, the school also obtained over PLN 4 million for investment expenses, renovations, purchase of teaching and investment aids from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Center for Artistic Education.

About school

The State Music School in Przemyśl was established in 1954. Initially, she educated at the primary school level in the 7-year children's department. For 68 years of its history, music education in Przemyśl has been developing very dynamically - the following were established: the State Music School of the 2nd degree, and then the General Music School of the 1st and 2nd degree.

In 1980, the Complex of Music Schools named after Artur Malawski in Przemyśl, renamed in 1994 to the Complex of State Music Schools. Artur Malawski in Przemyśl. Currently, the school complex consists of: General Music School of the 1st and 2nd degree and the State Music School of the 1st and 2nd degree.

Since the establishment of the facility, over 3,000 people have left its walls. pupils. Among them there are many well-known and respected lecturers of Polish and foreign music academies as well as performing musicians. Currently, over 500 students are educated at ZPSM in Przemyśl.

The students of the school won laurels in many prestigious national and foreign competitions, presented their skills at concerts in the country and abroad.

The school is an important center of the cultural life of the city and the region. In addition to educational tasks and cultural activities for the city, it is also the organizer of many national and international artistic events. The most important are: the International Festival of Accordion Music and the National Piano Competition "Children's Meetings with Piano Music - from classical music to entertainment".



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