Summary of the 72nd Sejm session

The ban on collaborators of the security services of the People's Republic of Poland to work in the diplomatic service, regulation of the care of graves of veterans fighting for Poland's freedom and independence and the amendment to the bill on the Supreme Court - these are the main bills that were processed by the MPs during the first day of the 72nd session of the Sejm. Moreover, on Wednesday, six new deputies took their oath before the Sejm. The House also commemorated the 40th anniversary of receiving the Nobel Prize by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

The 72nd session of the Sejm began with the commemoration of a minute of silence in memory of those murdered in the Nazi camp on the grounds of the Modlin fortress. Marek Kuchciński, Speaker of the Sejm, reminded that 75 years ago was the time of the highest intensity of mass executions, thousands of people died in the Third Fort in Pomiechówek, and the real number of victims cannot be determined. Then Six new deputies were sworn in: Kamil Bortniczuk, Sławomir Hajos, Grzegorz Lorek, Robert Majka, Magdalena Marek and Jagna Marczułajtis-Walczak. They will replace parliamentarians who won seats in local elections. The Sejm amended the law on the Supreme Court The bill amends the provisions on retirement of judges of the Supreme Court and Supreme Administrative Court upon reaching a certain age. The deputies have adopted by acclamation resolution commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer. "Isaac Bashevis Singer occupies a unique place in the history of Poland as a writer who in his works recorded and commemorated images of the traditional Jewish community, which no longer exists in our country," says the text of the adopted resolution.

The second day of the session of the Sejm was marked by the beginning of parliamentary work on improving the effectiveness of alimony collection and penalization of vehicle odometer falsification, as well as by voting on a total ban on collaborators of the security services of the People's Republic of Poland working in diplomacy. The Sejm also discussed the prosecutor's request to waive the immunity and put Stanisław Gawłowski under temporary arrest, and listened to current information on the government's "Fashion for Export" program.

The Sejm has passed a law prohibiting persons who collaborated with the security services of the People's Republic of Poland from working in diplomatic services. The deputies also passed a bill that will create a register of graves of veterans of fights for freedom and independence of Poland located in our country and abroad.

The MPs passed amendments to the Copyright and Related Rights Act and to the Act on Protection of Databases. The amendments are aimed at Facilitate cross-border exchange of copies of works in formats accessible to blind, visually impaired and other people with disabilities by increasing the availability of books, magazines, newspapers, journals, music scores and other printed materials, including those published in audio form.

The passed amendment to the Act on safety of mass events introduces reduction of formal requirements in case of necessity to exchange tickets for the FIFA U20 World Cup Poland 2019 Final Tournament between the interested parties.

The House also passed the Law on European Political Party and European Political Foundation, which ensures the effective application of EU Regulation 1141/2014 on their status and funding.

MPs passed an amendment to the law on the establishment of the "Program of modernization of the Police, Border Guard, State Fire Service and State Protection Service in 2017-2020".

In the area of agriculture, the law on supporting rural development with the participation of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development under the Rural Development Program for 2014-2020 and the law on forests were amended. In another vote on the feed law, the Sejm decided to extend by two years, until 1 January 2021 - the period during which GMO feed may be used in animal nutrition.

Members also passed amendments to tax laws. Zero Excise Duty on Electronic Cigarette Liquid and Novelty Products Extended to June 30, 2020. In the amendment to the retail sales tax law, the Diet decided to further suspend the collection of retail sales tax, while the enacted amendment to the linking the level of VAT rates to the state of public finances and the overall health of the economy. The House also passed a bill simplifying and unifying the VAT rules applicable to vouchers for goods or services.

The Sejm also approved replacing Mr Marek Jakubiak on the Committee on VAT fraud by Mr Blazej Parda.

The Sejm accepted the Senate's amendments to public documents actThe Act will be signed by the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda. The bill will be signed by President Andrzej Duda. It will also be sent to the president's desk Amendments to the Education Law, Education System Act and other actswhich aims at restoring the prestige of vocational education. The Sejm has adopted the Senate's amendments by a majority of votes.

At the beginning of the third day of the 72nd Session, the Members of the Polish Parliament observed a minute of silence in memory of Jan Pieniadz, deceased PSL Member of Parliament of the second term. Furthermore, a resolution was adopted by acclamation to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the heroic defense of Lvov. The Sejm also decided to elect Mikolaj Pawlak as the Children's Rights Ombudsman.

In a vote, deputies rejected the parliamentary bill to amend the laws: Code of Offences and Law on Road Traffic. In addition, the Speaker of the Sejm removed from the agenda the vote on the motion of the Head of the Western Pomeranian Subdivision of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor's Office in Szczecin of 24 June 2018 for the Sejm's consent to criminal prosecution and the application of a preventive measure in the form of pre-trial detention of MP Stanisław Gawłowski. The decision was taken after the MP's declaration of waiver of immunity was received. The matter was referred back to the Committee on Rules of Procedure and Parliamentary Affairs.

The Sejm has passed a bill on compensation for loss of right to free coal and for cessation of free coal by persons who are not employees of the mining company. The bill will go to the Senate.

After discussion The Sejm has decided to elect Mikołaj Paweł Pawlak as Ombudsman for Children. According to the law on RPD, the decision of the Diet will go to the Senate.

In a vote, the House approved the motion of the Sejm's Presidium regarding changes in the personal composition of the parliamentary committees.

Then the Sejm listened to the report of the Chief Labour Inspector on the activities of the State Labour Inspectorate in 2017 The Committee of the Regions discussed the PIP report, including the position of the Labor Protection Board and the position of the Commission, as well as 5-minute statements on behalf of clubs and circles on the PIP report. There were also first readings of three MP bills amending, among others, the Labor Code, concerning employee rights.


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