Marek Kuchciński: I wish you faith in another human being

Since the beginning of the Church, Christians have been charitable. The Gospel says that God is among the weakest, and Pope Francis calls for solidarity with the poor.

The rich is not he who possesses but he who gives, who is able to give - John Paul II, Apostolic Exhortation Redemptionis donum.

Man is great not by what he possesses, but by what he is; not by what he has, but by what he shares with others - JPII's address to the inhabitants of Tondo, a slum area. Manila, February 18, 1981.

The Church, right after the state, is the largest institution for helping the poor. It runs thousands of works in which clergy, consecrated and lay people engage, supporting the poor, children and youth, helping them to get out of homelessness. As part of the Food Aid Operational Program planned for 2014-2020, in cooperation with the Food Bank and PCK, 11,276 tons of food worth more than PLN 51 million have already been distributed to 232,000 poor people (data from 2014-2016).

Caritas runs the largest number of facilities for the homeless in Poland, i.e. 96 The largest number of facilities for the homeless in Poland, i.e. 96, including shelters, night shelters and heating facilities which which can help over 2600 people.

Every year Caritas of the Archdiocese of Przemysl organizes Easter breakfasts for those who need to share time, a meal, goodness. As Marek Kuchciński wrote in a letter addressed to the organizers and participants of the breakfast Caritas Marek Kuchciński, the organization is a beautiful response of good, The organization is a beautiful response of good, sensitive people to the vast social needs. It was created out of a desire to It was created out of a desire to help, taking care of human dignity as its mission. Support, sharing family warmth with those who may have never experienced it, restores hope for a better tomorrow.

I wish that the joy of the Resurrection fill the hearts of all participants, bringing peace, love and hope. I wish you strength in overcoming all adversities and faith in another human being," wrote the Speaker of the Sejm.

The Church's charitable assistance in numbers

5.5 thousand - this is how many charitable works are run by the Church in Poland

800 - that's how many Catholic Charities organizations operate in the country

3 million - this is how many people the Church helps

600 thousand a year - this is how many needy people are reached by the aid provided by parishes

897 - is the number of facilities serving the homeless.

203,000 - this is how many homeless people are helped each year help from church institutions

302 - this is how many emergency service points for the homeless there are

286 - this is the number of clothing distribution points

121 - that's how many sheltered apartments there are

61 - number of men's and women's shelters, bathhouses, huts, heating rooms and night shelters

1372 - number of works serving children and youth

897 - number of works for the homeless

861 - the number of temporary shelters, i.e. night shelters and soup kitchens.

494 - this is the number of works addressed to the disabled

457 - number of food banks

416 - that's how many medical aid stations there are

404 - number of works serving the elderly

146 - number of addiction help works

82 - number of works supporting the unemployed (professional activation professional activation)

29 - so many works for migrants and refugees

(It is worth remembering that under one institution there are often many works)

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