Marek Kuchciński visited Debowiec in Podkarpacie

- Thank you for your very kind reception in Dębowiec. Before the meeting with the residents I visited the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Salety in Dębowiec, where I had the pleasure of handing over to Father Paweł Raczyński, the Custodian of the Sanctuary the publications on important anniversaries of the history of the Sejm," Marek Kuchciński wrote on Twitter.

During the meeting with residents, the Speaker of the Sejm reminded, among others, about important programs and reforms introduced by Law and Justice, such as:

Thirteenth Retirement The law was passed, the money was paid in May to each of the 9 million pensioners. The law was passed, the money paid out in May.

Restoration of local bus service - The law has been passed, the call for proposals is currently underway, PLN 300 million has been allocated for this year, and PLN 800 million per year in subsequent years.

500+ for every child, The act was passed, payments started on 1 July. After the changes, the number of children covered by the program "Family 500 plus" in Podkarpackie voivodeship alone is 382.3 thousand (increase by more than 160 thousand). Subcarpathian household budgets will receive 2.4 billion PLN a year.

No PIT for employees under age 26. The relief will cover all employees up to the age of 26 who have an employment contract or order. The bill has been passed by the Sejm and is waiting for the President's signature. It will come into force from October this year.

5. Reducing labor costs - lowering PIT from 18 to 17% for all working people and raising deductible costs. Draft adopted by the Council of Ministers.

Promises made during this term

  • Increase of minimum wages: from 2015 to 2019 by PLN 500 and from 2020 by another PLN 200
  • PLN 500 per month for disabled persons over 18 years of age
  • School starter kit - Good Start - a program supporting PLN 300 for students under 18 years old;
  • CIT reduction from 19% to 9% - one of the lowest in Europe;
  • Small company - small ZUS - lower ZUS for companies with small turnover
  • Local Roads Fund - PLN 6 billion of subsidies for public roads
  • Accessibility+ (PLN 23 billion to adapt public facilities to the needs of the disabled)
  • Tax administration reform and establishment of the National Tax Administration - VAT revenues higher by 50 billion PLN (2018 compared to 2015);
  • Lowering the retirement age to 60 and 65;
  • Free medication for seniors;
  • Abolish compulsory schooling for 6-year-olds and leave the choice to parents;
  • Establishment of the Territorial Defense Forces;
  • Raises for teachers - 9.6% average salary increase from 1 September 2019.

Areas of particular of importance - identified by PM Morawiecki in Katowice

  • healthcare
  • education
  • environmental protection
  • transformation of the power industry
  • investments infrastructure investments



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