Carpathian Europe - a conference on multinational cooperation in the region

Under the patronage of Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński a very important for our region Conference Europe of the Carpathians will be held (September 5-7). Eminent experts from 60 countries will meet in Krynica.

It is best to talk about multinational cooperation of the countries involved in the "Carpathian Europe" project at the largest possible meeting. Therefore, the nearest Conference will be held during the Economic Forum in Krynica. It is the most prestigious event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. During its 27 years of history it has become not only a showcase for European dialogue, but also a place where important ideas are born and important projects materialize. It is attended by over 3,000 guests. Heads of governments, parliaments, presidents, ministers, and parliamentarians from the countries of our region, experts, business representatives, scientists, prominent representatives of the cultural world and the media from over 60 countries have been coming here for years.

A very important part of this meeting is the Conference "Carpathian Europe" organized by the Polish Parliament. Since 2011 it has been the "Carpathian agora" - a place of exchange of ideas and establishment of valuable initiatives. This year among the important discussants will appear: patron, co-creator and main organizer of the Conference Speaker of the Polish Parliament Marek Kuchciński. It is thanks to his efforts that the initiative "Carpathian Europe" came into being.  Marek Kuchcinski on Carpathian Europe

Mariusz Blaszczak, Minister of Interior and Administration and Krzysztof Szczerski, Secretary of State and Head of the Presidential Cabinet are among the invited participants. Together with prominent experts from Central and Eastern Europe they will discuss the future of the Tri-City project, the Euro currency, repair of the European Union, security problems of our region and the solidarity between countries in the face of the immigration crisis.

Discussion panels of the Carpathian Europe Forum:

  • Tri-City - cooperation of 12 countries in the region
  • How to fix the EU?
  • Development policy of European regions
  • Solidarity across borders: the European Neighbourhood Policy and the immigration crisis
  • Security in Europe on the Eastern European Borderline between the EU and NATO
  • Will Central and Eastern Europe defend Western civilization?
  • The euro - benefits and costs
  • Intellectual Faces of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Scientific cooperation of Carpathian countries





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