Dramatically low funds for counteracting unemployment in Jarosław district. Kuchciński intervenes with the Minister of Labour


Marek Kuchciński, MP, sent an interpellation to the Minister of Labour concerning the increase of money for counteracting unemployment in Jarosław district.


For several years the situation on the labor market in Jaros³aw district has not been improving at all. Therefore, it is necessary that in the current time of crisis the Government of Poland and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy pursue a policy of support for endangered labor markets and a policy of sustaining their level of employment.


Such actions are absolutely necessary in the Jaros³aw district. In the local labour office there are registered about 9.3 thousand unemployed, of which 2.5 thousand are people under 25 years old. Meanwhile, there are 410 applications for organizing an internship, 15 applications for organizing intervention works, 65 applications for creating 90 workplaces for the unemployed. More than 50 people are interested in starting their own businesses. However, these applications cannot be accepted, because the Office has no funds for them.


This state of affairs is a consequence of the reduction by the Government of Poland of funds for the Labor Fund from 7 billion in 2010 to 3 billion in 2011, despite an increase in the unemployment rate in the fourth quarter of 2010 and in the first quarter of 2011. Practically all district labor offices in Podkarpackie can not support intervention works, public works and economic empowerment according to their needs. There is also no money for internships for young people, of whom 30% to 50% cannot find any job!


Therefore M. Kuchciński asked the Minister of Labour to restore the amount of resources to the Labour Fund from the level of 2010, as well as to subsidize as soon as possible the anti-unemployment tasks performed by the District Labour Office in Jarosław.


The MP also asked for answers to the following questions: What actions does the Minister of Labour intend to take to open up the labour market in Podkarpackie, including the Jaros³aw district, for young graduates of schools and universities? What results does the Ministry expect from these actions?



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