Declaration of cooperation between Bieszczady self-governments and Marek Kuchciński, MP for the Polish Parliament

On 21.08.2019 in the Starost Office in Ustrzyki Dolne took place meeting of the representatives of local governments of Bieszczady with Marek Kuchciński. It was attended by:

  • Bieszczady district governor Marek Andruch;
  • Lesko Starost Andrzej Olesiuk;
  • Sanok Starost Stanislaw Chęć;
  • Mayor of the City and Commune of Zagórz Ernest Nowak;
  • Komańcza Borough Head Roman Bzdyk;
  • Head of the Tyrawa Wołoska Commune Teresa Brzezawska - Juszczak;
  • Head of Solina municipality Adam Piątkowski;
  • The Head of Olszanica Municipality Krzysztof Zapala;
  • Head of Renata Szczepańska of Cisna Commune;
  • Mayor of Czarna Municipality Bogusław Kochanowicz;
  • Mayor of Lutowiska Municipality Krzysztof Mróz;
  • Grzegorz Gągola, Head of Bircza Commune.

The most important problems of the Bieszczady community. A declaration was drawn up in which:

"The assembly positively evaluated and express their support for a number of solutions, introduced in recent years, which create a chance for the development of the Bieszczady Mountains, and whose patron in most cases was Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński. In their opinion, they should be continued, developed and subject to evaluation in order to solve local problems.

Support for Bieszczady health care Health services, correction of the method of determining subsidies in the Local Government Roads Program, development of support mechanisms for the poorest local governments in terms of The problems of broadly understood waste management and many others waste management and many others should find their solutions in the Bieszczady Programme launched by the government, the promoter of which was also promoter of which was also Mr. Marshal.

It is extremely important, in the opinion of of the participants is such standardisation of regulations related to nature protection in the Bieszczady Mountains, so that they do not become a dam for the development of the region, and even threat to the functioning of local communities.

Bieszczady can be a place of dignified existence for inhabitants and a place rest and relaxation for the inhabitants of Podkarpacie and the whole Poland. Both these goals are interconnected.

Local government officials gathered at the meeting together with MP Marek Kuchciński declare joint action in this direction and invite other They invite other local governments and other people to cooperate".

Ustrzyki Dolne, 21.08.2019



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