Alicja Zając and Andrzej Matusiewicz as PiS candidates for Senate

Alicja Zając and Andrzej Matusiewicz will be running for senator in the new electoral districts No. 57 (including Krosno) and 58 (including Przemyśl).


Alicja Zając is the current senator of Poland. She graduated in biology at the University of Wroclaw. She was an expert in the Supervisory Board of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. As the only representative of the Podkarpacie region, she sat in the National Council of Representatives of the Polish Red Cross. At present, she is president of the Podkarpacie Regional Board of the Polish Red Cross in Rzeszów. Awarded with the Silver Cross of Merit and Honorary Badge of the Polish Red Cross of III and II Degree, Silver Badge "For Merits for Environmental Protection and Water Management. Widow of Law and Justice Senator Stanislaw Zajac, who tragically died in the crash near Smolensk. She lives in Jaslo. Born in 1953.


In the supplementary elections to the Senate of the Republic of Poland in 2010 Alicja Zając won a record number of votes nationwide.

In this year's autumn elections he is running in constituency number 57, which consists of the districts of Brzozowski, Jasielski, Krosno and the city of Krosno..


Andrzej Matusiewicz is the chairman of the Podkarpackie Regional Assembly of the previous term. Currently a councillor of this Sejmik. Lawyer, age 58, married. In 1980s, a member of the Solidarity Association of Lawyers and Lawyer's Trainees, a correspondent of the Helsinki Committee in Poland, a legal adviser to the underground structures of the Solidarity movement, a defence counsel in political trials. One of the founders of the "Solidarity" Citizens' Committee of the Przemysl Province. In the first democratic local elections in 1990 he was elected councillor and chairman of the Przemyśl City Council. Vice-Chairman of the Podkarpackie Regional Assembly from 1998 to 2002. Founding member of the Association of Eaglets of Przemyśl, the Association of Lovers of Lvov and Southeastern Borderlands in Przemyśl, the Przemyśl Ski Association, and the Association of Catholic Families of the Przemyśl Archdiocese.


Andrzej Matusiewicz has enjoyed great support of voters for years. In each election, he received an impressive number of votes and won the seat he was seeking. In this year's autumn elections candidate in constituency 58, which includes the districts of Bieszczadzki, Jaroslawski, Leski, Lubaczowski, Przemyski, Przeworski, Sanocki and the city of Przemysl.



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