The politics of healing in a resort climate

Iwonicz-Zdrój - a place where the visitor will heal the body, but also relish the culture, move to the old days of great Polish families and the patriotic spirit. One of the largest wooden churches in Europe or an antique market with a soul are local gems. And all this among the soothing nature and life-giving waters.

Podkarpacie is beautiful and unusual. However, it needs to catch up with years of neglect and it is on its way. Marshal Marek Kuchciński discussed how to accelerate sustainable development of the region with local Law and Justice activists. He stressed the importance of cooperation with local governments, reminded that they receive huge funds and tax cuts. Poland and Central Europe are developing very fast, there is a perspective of economic catching up with Spain. In spite of tax reductions, budget revenues are higher, because we create new jobs. Our country will receive considerable funds from the Strategic Investment Fund and we should think how to use them to develop not only local governments but also foreign cooperation - there are plans to establish a Polish-Slovak Institute.

Development is not only about road and rail infrastructure, but also about access to media and the Internet, and PiS's program envisages significant improvements in this area.

Marek Kuchcinski stressed that the pandemic had a huge impact on the economy. Inflation resulting from the war is also not indifferent. An important topic of discussion is help for borrowers and e.g. credit vacations introduced by the government. Shielding measures have been introduced: reduced VAT on certain products and fuel, coal subsidies and an allowance for expensive energy. A number of measures were implemented, which were called the anti-Putin shield. Without government action, prices would have been another 3-4 percent higher.

The reforms and resulting environmental investments will decarbonize our economy and improve air quality, while reducing pressure on the climate and environment. Within the NIP, we are planning actions related to air protection - the Clean Air Programme, actions concerning the introduction of clean transport zones in cities, investments in low-emission transport, electromobility and alternative fuels. Also important will be actions connected with the improvement of energy efficiency of residential buildings - which is the main source of the so-called low emission, while new investments in RES will create new "green jobs".

The Speaker also reminded that Poland has made very difficult and costly decisions to support Ukraine because it is in our interest.



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