Debate on the future of Belarus as part of the European family - Kalinowski Forum.

The second Kalinovsky Forum, an initiative consisting of the world's top leaders and experts debating the future of Belarus as part of the European family, took place on March 22. The Forum is a key platform for dissidents and political leaders of the international democratic community to express their opinions, develop strategies to combat Russian aggression in the region and restore democracy in Belarus.

The event hosted by the Speaker of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania Viktorija ČmilytėNielsen, brought together distinguished speakers to honor the hero Vincent Konstantin Kalinovsky, a 19th century writer and revolutionary in the occupied Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a hero of the Belarusian revival, and to courageously continue his mission in the current context, in accordance with the goals set by the democratic leader of Belarus, Svyatlana Tikhanouskaya. These include launching a democratic national dialogue, ensuring the security of the transfer of power, and holding free elections.

In this year's debate devoted to reflections on the promotion of freedom in Belarus, the speakers answered the question of which freedom goals have been achieved and what challenges are now facing the still-forming Belarusian civil society.

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Sejm Marek Kuchciński summarized the achievements of the Belarusians, noting the courage and political maturity of the opposition and its determination to carry out processes of institutionalizing its activities. The chairman emphasized the efforts made so far by Poland and neighboring countries to support Belarus: aid and shelter for thousands of persecuted people, the mobilization of the European Union in the form of 24 million euros in grants, and the adoption of a sanctions package covering nearly 100 individuals and companies - these and many other actions clearly show our support in the struggle for a free, democratic Belarus.

Awakening of Belarusian patriotism, establishment of the opposition Coordinating Council and the National Anti-Crisis Committee, as well as overcoming of the impotence and fear of the society against the ruthless power apparatus are important achievements of the Belarusians - emphasized President Marek Kuchciński.

We should strengthen the pressure on the Belarusian authorities, Poland and Lithuania should while We must work together to ensure that our partners in the European Union do not lose interest in Belarus. It is important that in talks with Moscow we should unequivocally declare that we do not accept Russia's interference in Belarus' internal affairs. - added President Marek Kuchciński. Let us also continue to support the democratic opposition. Mrs Tikhanouska and Mr Latushka have become well-known and respected representatives of Belarus in the West. The strength of the Belarusian opposition lies in its unity. Let us support this unity and intensify the pressure on state authorities. We share a common goal: re-run presidential elections in line with international standards and monitored by the OSCE - added President Kuchciński.




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