The head of the government and the prime minister's office met with the inhabitants of Jasło

On Saturday, PiS politicians started the "Future is Poland" program tour announced by the party's president Jarosław Kaczyński. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited Jasło (Podkarpackie Province). 

Spring is coming, and we are setting off on our route of talks with Poles, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Jasło in Podkarpacie. – We want our plan for the next four years, or maybe for eight years, to be forged in meetings like this – he pointed out.

As the Prime Minister pointed out, there is one reason why, once again, PiS, all MPs and members of the government set out on the route of meetings with Poles. 

“As always, we want our plan for the next four, maybe eight years, to be forged in meetings like this. These meetings make a lot of sense. It was at such a meeting that the 13th and 14th Retirement was "born". It was during such meetings that the idea of a layette for children, a family care capital, was born. We talked with Poles about lowering taxes so that they could earn as much net income as possible said the head of the government. 

And he appealed: – We ask you for your ideas and proposals; our program is forged not in offices but at such meetings as t. 

Morawiecki emphasized that the root cause of all our successes, such as social policy, the purchase of arms and investments, is one - the repair of public finances. – The improvement of public finances is the basis for achieving the goals we pursue – he noted. 

– If it wasn't for the repair of public finances, there would be no new nurseries, renovated schools or road investments. Three years ago, during a pandemic, the world froze. During the crisis under the rule of PO, nothing was done, and over two million people were unemployed, he added. 

He added that in recent years, we first had to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, then the crisis on the border with Belarus, then the "great inflation and energy crisis" and the war in Ukraine. – And we survived all these great crisis waves and carried Poland to the time when I can clearly see the lights of hope in the economy and falling inflation, because we are fighting this inflation – said Morawiecki. 

– Despite this great crisis, we have reduced the PIT tax to the lowest levels in the history of the Third Republic of Poland, to 12 percent, and the tax-free amount of PLN 30,000. PLN, i.e. pension and work up to 2.5 thousand. PLN without tax - said Morawiecki

In addition, he added, the PiS government reduced VAT on basic foodstuffs, fuel, heat, gas and electricity. – And despite all these measures, including shielding allowances (…) also frozen energy prices (…) we have a lower budget deficit than planned – PLN 12 billion instead of almost PLN 30 billion. This is how PiS manages finances, said Morawiecki. 

He said that "the PO government gave permission" for the money to be in the "pockets of fuel mafias, various hustlers, scoundrels". Morawiecki said that various industries - steel, electronics, coal - unsuccessfully turned to the prime minister and finance minister during the PO government to take some action. 

photo: Adam Guz/KPRM



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