The Soaring Tatras. Exhibition dedicated to the spectacular sites of the Polish mountains

- The granite rocks indicate sublimity, they have a raw hard style... The aesthetic impression indicates the impermanence but also the smallness of man to nature. The strength of the rocks contrasts with the light forms of the flora. In the mountains, as in no other place on earth, we feel great humility towards nature. We see the power and wisdom of the Creator - said Marek Kuchciński, Speaker of the Sejm, during the inauguration of the exhibition.

The aim of the "Soaring Tatras" project was to collect material immortalizing the most spectacular places in the Tatras. The exhibition shows the Tatras from a perspective that ordinary tourists do not experience. The Tatra Mountains are not soaring mountains. There is relatively little of the typical, archetypically "mountain" landscape here: precipitous crags or huge, vertical, sheer rock walls. And yet, according to an extremely large number of enthusiasts, it is the most beautiful mountain range in the world. Aesthetic uniqueness of the Tatras is determined primarily by the unique condensation of natural forms in a relatively small area. Granite walls cut by a mosaic of various formations, patches of dwarf mountain pine changing its color and saturation depending on season and weather, finally - beautiful, multi-colored ponds integrated into smaller or larger valleys. Of course, there are also some really big and really vertical walls, for example the north-east wall of Kazalnica Mengusowiecka in Polish Tatra Mountains or the north wall of Malý Kežmarský Peak in Slovak Tatras. However, the most spectacular, eye-catching and imaginative are the crags, whose slender shape resembles mountains drawn by children. Also this type of formations, transferred somehow from imagination to the real world, being peculiar exceptions confirming the rule concerning the Tatras, can be found in our highest mountains. These are both free-standing, slender and sharpened like a shark's fin towers, prominent needles with a sharp shape, and collective heroes, such as three sharp towers of Szarpane Turni. Some of them are visible from the Tatra mountain huts, to reach the others you need to go a bit further, hiding the beauty and richness of the local nature, invisible on a daily basis. It is these often small, but always spectacular gems of the Tatra landscape that the exhibition "The soaring Tatras" is devoted to. It has been organized by the Tatra National Park in cooperation with the High-Mountain Guides Service and the GÓRY magazine. (Tatra National Parky).

Photo: P. Kula, M. Olejnik

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