Sports offensive in Podkarpacie

One of the most modern sports centers in Europe is to be built in Bieszczady Mountains. A sports investment plan has been prepared investment plan has been prepared for the Podkarpackie region, the heart of which is to be the Central Sports Centre.

September 24 Bieszczady poviat submitted to the Central Sports Center in Warsaw geotechnical opinion on plots in Jasien, which shows that the location meets all the necessary conditions to be built Olympic Preparation Centre.

- There is enough money in the state budget to make investment decisions We encourage our authorities to try to create a COS in Bieszczady, Podkarpacie We encourage our authorities to try to create a COS in Bieszczady in Podkarpacie - declares Marek Kuchciński. Kuchciński. However, the declarations do not stop there. The political decision has already been political decision has already been made and Prime Minister Morawiecki Morawiecki appointed a plenipotentiary, Dorota Łukaszyk from Ustrzyki Dolne. - Podkarpackie will have a modern sports center in Ustrzyki Dolne. Ustrzyki Dolne. This is a great opportunity for the whole region. The aim is The aim is to build a modern Central Sports Centre - says Kuchciński.

What does this mean in practice? COS are the places where national teams train National teams train there at various levels. Polish sports associations train there youth and Polish sports associations train there youth and world class athletes. Such centers are therefore besieged by athletes from all over the country. However, if they are well equipped and have modern infrastructure, they also generate interest of foreign guests. However, this not the end. Often the COS is the heart of sports life for the entire region. In it specialized trainings, coaching consultations, scientific symposia scientific symposiums. Hundreds more athletes look for places near COS. This brings further opportunities for the development of hotel, medical and rehabilitation facilities.

A good A good example are the COS centres in Zakopane and Cetniewo, where the best are permanently reside in the Center, and dozens of training camps are organized simultaneously around these facilities. It may be no different in the case of Ustrzyki Dolne. There are ski ski jumps, downhill and cross-country skiing trails, and places for water sports. water sports.

- We already refer to the Bieszczady COS as "the eighth element". We have seven Central Sports Centers in Poland: in Cetniewo, Spala, Szczyrk, Zakopane, Warsaw, Władysławowo, Giżycko and Wałcz. This one will be another one in the sports This one will be another in the sports puzzle which is also supposed to stimulate the region economically. One of the fundamental One of the fundamental conditions is the cooperation of the local authorities - emphasizes Marek Kuchciński.

Implementation The investment is to serve the development and activation of the Bieszczady Mountains, using its natural advantages, without harming the environment. Construction of COS is not only the development of sport, but also hotel, medical and communication infrastructure. Greater traffic of sportsmen and tourists is a chance for development of the airport in Arłamow There are also plans to build a wide road in Arłamów. At the same time in the whole At the same time in the whole of the Podkarpackie voivodship investments are being made in sports-related facilities (e.g. The modern Rehabilitation and Sports Centre in Sanok).

Estimated It is estimated that the Center alone could generate about 100 jobs. The second as many may be created with cooperation in commercial terms, ski slopes and jumps - This gives the possibility of development, which no other sports center in Poland has has.

Thus, in Ustrzyki Dolne a sports hall with an auditorium for about 1000 people is to be built, together with professional back-up facilities, swimming pools, including a 50-meter Olympic swimming pool, a sports hotel, an athletics stadium, outdoor fields, tennis courts and additional facilities, e.g. a ski-trail with a bituminous surface, a sports shooting range, and in one of the locations additionally a marina and hangars for kayaks and rowing boats.

According to Marek Andruch, the starost of Bieszczady, the cost of the investment is estimated in the range of 200-250 million PLN. The project will be implemented in stages. The opening is tentatively planned for 2023-2024.


Marek Kuchciński and Marek Andruch at the site of the planned location of COS in Jasień


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