Seym against illegal referendums in Ukraine and issuing visas to Russian citizens

The Joint Committees on Foreign Affairs and European Union Affairs have adopted a draft resolution "on condemning illegal referendums held by the Russian authorities in the occupied territories of Ukraine and taking steps to stop issuing visas to citizens of the Russian Federation." The Seimas does not recognize the results of illegal referendums carried out by the Russian Federation-controlled collaborationist administrations of Ukraine's occupied regions.

Carried out in an atmosphere of terror, they violate all standards of international law and deserve the unequivocal condemnation of the international community. The Sejm of the Republic of Poland supports Ukraine in its efforts to regain full control over all of its territory in accordance with the internationally recognized legal status. The Sejm of the Republic of Poland strongly condemns the forcing of residents of territories occupied by the Russian Federation to serve in the Russian armed, auxiliary and collaborationist forces.

The Russian Federation has committed armed aggression against Ukraine. The Russian state and its subordinate structures are committing war crimes in Ukraine, including genocide, and the vast majority of Russian Federation citizens support the war. At the same time, as reported by the services of the European Union countries, among others, Russia is carrying out intensive intelligence and diversionary activities throughout the European Union.

It is morally unacceptable to allow citizens of a state that wages a brutal aggression war and commits acts of state terrorism to move freely in Europe. The ability to enter the European Union is used by the Russians to "demonstrate support for the war and the criminal actions of the Russian Federation, and facilitates Russian services to conduct intelligence and diversionary operations within the European Union."

The Sejm of the Republic of Poland supports the steps taken by the Polish Government in the international arena to stop issuing visas to citizens of the Russian Federation. The countries of the European Union and the EU institutions should stand in solidarity on the side of the attacked and against the attackers. The Sejm of the Republic of Poland appeals to the Prime Minister for further action on this issue, and to all political forces in Poland to support the efforts of the Polish Government.

Photo: Rafał Zambrzycki/Sejm



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