President of Law and Justice in Podkarpacie: You are brave, you have done beautifully

On Saturday, October 22, Jaroslaw Kaczynski visited Podkarpacie: Jedlicze and Przemyśl. He thanked the residents for their assistance to Ukraine. He also recalled the contribution of Przemysl itself, which was given the title of City of Rescue by President Zelenski. - You are brave, because you are right there," he stressed.

During the meeting, he noted that Law and Justice is doing everything and effectively to ensure that the money we receive from the European Union is spent in accordance with European and Polish law, without abuse, while political opponents have no qualms about arguing otherwise. Jaroslaw Kaczynski punctuated untrue content spread by the opposition and mobilized support for Law and Justice on the party's path to victory in the next elections:

 - Not so long ago it was said that everything was fine. The commissioners who were most reluctant to us proclaimed that Polish funds were not at risk, because here only the issue of possible corruption, simply the theft of this money, comes into play. In Poland this kind of phenomenon does not occur, and in other countries it does occur. Well, those countries don't have problems, and we do, because suddenly there is a new concept of some horizontal view of compliance and the rule of law and so on," the Law and Justice chairman explained.

 - We were not the ones who announced - as soon as our formation came to power - that we were essentially an illegitimate authority, that we were elected by people in mohair berets, i.e. those who, in fact, may have the right to vote, but choose the authority they do not.

- The big wage increases, especially in the health service were also this terrible crime, but people were told that, and that's a matter for the mass media.

- It would seem obvious, but already today there are people in Poland who refer to themselves as EU of Polish origin. There is a fundamental question, whether this is what Poland and Europe should be heading towards. Is it really the case that it will be a good thing if people in the Union become Uniates or Uniates of the origin of one nation or another?

- Is such a combination even possible, and would it not mean an extremely radical impoverishment of Europe, which is made up of many nations and cultures. These nations and these cultures together make up this vast, immeasurable and probably incomparable wealth in the world.

- This will lead to impoverishment, but in essence it must also lead to the domination of one or two nations. That those Unites or Uniates of German origin, for example, will be more important than those others.

- If we want to look after our interests, our national development, then of course we want to be in the Union, we want to do everything to be in the Union, but on the other hand we must also remember that the Union should act in accordance with its treaties, and we should act in accordance with the treaty that we adopted in a referendum and then ratified. These treaties do not provide for the kind of solution I mentioned.

- We face an incredibly difficult task, because our political opponents have no opposition," he said. He pointed out that it is not a question of their convictions, because they do not have them. As the head of the PO Donald Tusk said, one day he threatens to imprison everyone who disagrees with him, and another day he talks about love. - It's hard to talk about views here, here it's all about business. And here there is also the question of whether it is definitely Poland's interest.

- But the other party is ready to grasp at methods that are completely unbelievable. There is no other case in the European parliament where representatives of a country, whether they are in power or in opposition, so furiously attack the authorities of that country and so seek to cause those authorities all sorts of difficulties.

- At the same time, it's not about power so essentially, it's about society. It's about getting the public so tired that they finally say: "well, let them rule there. It's all the same, we'll be better off." Well, ladies and gentlemen, we will not be better off. Also in terms of the life of an ordinary person, an ordinary family, it will not be better. Because it is never better if a state, a nation is dominated by another state and another nation.

- In Poland, we are leveling the playing field and defending ourselves against what harms not only our culture, civilization, but also common sense, so that this blowing up of our civilization, which is going on today in the West and partly in the United States, is stopped. The destruction of basic institutions, first and foremost the family, but the destruction of virtually everything that until now has been some kind of permanent element, that has built identities.

- There is a war of civilizations going on in Ukraine, but there are many civilizations in the world that are questioning everything that is our foundation: freedom and individual autonomy, everything that forms the foundation for the democratic construction, and everything that is so deeply rooted in Polish history.

- We defend it. Not the appearance of it, but we defend it really. Because if you look back at the governments of our predecessors, on the one hand there was a lot of talk that this freedom was allegedly somehow violated by us, and on the other hand it was regularly violated, and in various areas.



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