Farewell to Father Eugeniusz Dryniak, chaplain of Podkarpacie Solidarity

Funeral ceremonies for prelate Eugeniusz Dryniak, an opposition activist and chaplain of the Solidarity movement during the communist period in the Podkarpacie region, were held in Nowy Zagórze on Tuesday. During the funeral, a letter from the Speaker of the Sejm was read by Bogdan Rzonca, MP. "It is impossible to mention all the merits of the Prelate for the Homeland, its sovereignty and freedom," wrote Marek Kuchciński. He recalled that not long ago he had the honor of presenting Father Dryniak with the Cross of Freedom and Solidarity, thanking him for his years of opposition work.

As the Speaker of the Sejm pointed out, the deceased priest was a steadfast and courageous fighter for a sovereign Poland. "In his sermons he openly condemned the totalitarian system, exposed its hypocrisy and actions directed against the violation of human rights and the Church," he stressed. He added that Fr. Dryniak's homilies, filled with patriotism, fervent love for God and Homeland, filled the hearts of the faithful with hope for a better future. "They were a kind of manifestation of independence and truth" - assessed Marshal Kuchciński.

The Speaker of the Sejm recalled that parishes where the late Fr Dryniak worked became an oasis of freedom, not only in the spiritual dimension. As he added, his apartment was a place for opposition meetings and a warehouse for independent publications. "Father Eugeniusz knew that words free from censorship have a strong power of communication, they are a source of knowledge about the real Poland, the distortions of the regime power and our history, which was then so distorted by the communist historical policy," wrote the Speaker of the Sejm.

Prelate Eugeniusz Dryniak was born on November 17, 1955 in Rożniatów. On June 8, 1980 he was ordained priest by bishop Ignacy Tokarczuk. From 1990 until his death he served as parish priest of St. Joseph the Craftsman in Nowy Zagórze. In the 80s of the twentieth century he was an active member of the anti-communist opposition and chaplain of "Solidarity". For his patriotic activities he was decorated in independent Poland with the Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, the Cross of Freedom and Solidarity and the statue of the Fallen Shipyard Workers Monument. Rev. Eugeniusz Dryniak passed away on February 10, 2019, after a serious illness.

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