Poland and Georgia signed Strategic Partnership Agreements to mark the 25th anniversary of the resumption of Polish-Georgian diplomatic relations

If we imagine that Georgia becomes a member of the EU, the Union then takes on a new quality. Until now, in the perspective of several hundred years, no international organization, which in its area has Central and Eastern Europe, has reached so far to the East," said the Speaker of the Sejm during a meeting with the speaker of the Georgian parliament.

The Speaker argued that in the dimension of bilateral relations signed today Strategic Partnership Agreement  should serve to strengthen the cooperation of our countries between the commissions, not only in the bilateral group. Poland supports Georgia in its European aspirations, and the recent elections in Georgia have shown that there is strong public support for the country's pro-European path. We regard the deepening of cooperation between Poland and Georgia as strengthening the cooperation of the countries of the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. According to the Speaker of the Sejm, economic, social, political cooperation, cooperation in every area of our activity, should characterize and include all countries of the European continent regardless of their size. - Some EU countries, the Speaker said, are closing themselves off to enlargement, want to introduce the Eurozone and dominate in their own closed circle. I think it is a mistake that in this way Europe is increasingly marginalized in geopolitics. According to the Speaker of the Sejm, Europe should expand, and such a light is the plan to admit several countries in the Western Balkans. In turn, some countries of the Eastern Partnership should have a certain perspective of admission to the EU. It is related to security in the broadest sense.

Marek Kuchcinski also noted that the goal: strengthening the Europe of equal and solidary states, which was the goal of the late President Lech Kaczynski, is now being pursued by all Central European countries.

Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze stressed that cooperation between Poland and Georgia has a good historical basis, the pursuit of freedom. Our countries are connected not only by good political relations, but also by people-to-people relations. He thanked for support in the struggle for independence. According to Kobakhidze, the signing of the Agreement will raise inter-parliamentary cooperation to a higher level.

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