Speaker of the Sejm in the Circle: The Parliament is a permanent element of the system of our Polish statehood. It has always lasted when the Republic of Poland existed.

 - This year we are celebrating the jubilee of the 550th anniversary of the parliamentarism of the Republic. This beautiful jubilee reminds us that our Polish, Central European parliament has a centuries-old tradition and that this parliamentary tradition is one of the longest in Europe. Its origins can be traced back to the first centuries, when district conventions met in the 12th and 13th centuries - the Marshal Kuchcinski said during the ceremony in the Circle.
Sejmiks continued at Kolo until the early 17th century, until the Sandomierz Rocochet (1606-1607). Later, after a long hiatus, the last general assembly at Koło was held on October 30, 1702. In 1716, a convention of the nobility of the Poznań and Kalisz provinces took place here.

  The Speaker recalled that parliamentarism, which was formed in the second half of the 15th century and changed under the influence of various currents and patterns up to the present day, has become a permanent element of the system of our Polish statehood. And parliament always lasted while the Republic existed.

  According to Jan Długosz's account, on July 1, 1468, King Casimir Jagiellon arrived in Koło to deliberate with the knights of Greater Poland on July 13 to raise funds for the army after a victorious war with the Teutonic Order.

  - We meet today in Kolo, a charming town, to honor the great traditions of the Sejm and to recall its long history, and at the same time to emphasize the huge role in the history of Polish parliamentarism. It was here, from the dawn of Polish statehood, that the rallies of elders, and later of knights, were held - the said the Speaker.

  In the Circle by the Bernardine Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sejm Speaker Marek Kuchcinski unveiled a plaque commemorating the 550th anniversary of the Republic's parliamentarism. The unveiling of the plaque was preceded by a Mass presided over by Wloclawek bishop Wieslaw Mering, who stressed that the Apart from a free parliament, in which all important issues for our country should take flight, there is no democracy.

2018_0708_01190800(2)The Speaker noted that the importance of the traditions of the Kolsk sejmiks is evidenced by the text immortalized on the commemorative plaque, taken from the parliamentary instructions of the Wielkopolska sejmik: paying and speedy completion of the assemblies depends a lot on Kolskei sejmiks2018_0708_012427002018_0707_23013800(2) 2018_0707_23104300 2018_0708_00203000 2018_0708_00484400 2018_0708_01152500 2018_0708_01255600



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