Marek Kuchciński: Today we have a similar situation to the times when the 4th Department of the Security Service acted against the Church

On the air of TV Republika, the head of the prime minister's office, when asked about the attacks on John Paul II, reminded about the 4th Department of the Security Service existing in the times of the People's Republic of Poland, which dealt with the fight against the Church. – We remember many outstanding people who gave their lives for the cause, for example Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko. I will also recall the manipulations and attacks on the priest, then bishop, Ignacy Tokarczuk. Within a short time, the inhabitants of the then diocese of Przemyśl, today the whole of Podkarpacie, collected over 200,000. signatures against attacks on the bishop. Today we have a similar situation - said Marek Kuchciński.

The head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister emphasized that the attack on JPII is part of the attack on European civilization. The history of Poland has been connected with the history of the Church from the very beginning. We have existed for over 1050 years thanks to the baptism of Mieszko I, it survived difficult periods thanks to the attitude of the Church, and today John Paul II, embodying the best symbols of Christian civilization, is slandered by leftist circles promoting neo-Marxism, weakening the family and the sense of national identity.

According to Marek Kuchciński, the attacks on the Pope have an electoral context. It is no coincidence that the topic has now been raised. The Law and Justice camp with the prime minister and the twice-elected president upholds the principles most important to Poles, where the Church and the teachings of John Paul II are of fundamental importance. The foundation of the PiS program is the belief that the hierarchy of values resulting from the Catholic social teaching must also be related to our current activities, hence sustainable development, support for areas or professional and social groups that have not been supported so far.

The Marshal emphasized that this is by nature linking PiS with the teachings of the Church, although it is a political party that is responsible for all public affairs in the state resulting from the constitution, and the Church is the universal Church.



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