Election Convention of the Law and Justice party

- We want to change Poland for the better. We have a program, for which it is worth making the greatest effort. We are ready, we will do it! - said PiS President Jarosław Kaczyński during the convention in Warsaw.

- Ovation time will be after October 25! Only part of our team is present here. There are hundreds more people, activists, ladies and gentlemen who will be part of this campaign. Who will undertake the tremendous work that lies ahead. Because it is not the polls that win. You win in elections - he added.

During the convention the candidates of Law and Justice party taking first and second places on the electoral lists were presented.

The floor was then taken by representatives of farmers, entrepreneurs, pensioners, young people and families with many children. The Law and Justice party devotes most attention to the problems of these social groups in its program.

The finale of the convention featured the PiS candidate for prime minister, Beata Szydło.

- Today we have to ask Poles for trust, because without it nothing can be built. (...) It is time to talk about specifics. (...) We have prepared a package of laws. If we win, it will be passed. There are of course many more projects, but at this point I will present the priorities - she said.

The vice-president of the Law and Justice party pointed to the need to change the legal system, which is disadvantageous for farmers.

- We have prepared an insurance bill for farmers that will give a sense of security to family farmers, she informed.

- The greatest harm to Polish farmers, which the current government fails to notice, is the subsidies. It is time to start the process of appealing in Brussels for changing this unfair system. This is a long-term task that the government faces - she said.

The Law and Justice vice president also addressed businesses.

- The state should make life easier for entrepreneurs. Everybody talks about it, but not much has been done. (...) We have a programme for entrepreneurs. The first issue is to introduce 15% CIT tax for small companies - she announced.

Beata Szydło talked about program solutions to unemployment and low wages.

- If PiS wins the elections, we will propose a bill on the minimum hourly wage - 12 PLN. The PO now introduces some of our solutions from years ago, but it does not do it systematically, only randomly - she said.

The PiS candidate for prime minister also mentioned the program, which, if PiS wins, will be the government's biggest undertaking, namely "Family 500+".

- We want it to be a help to families who are having financial problems on the one hand and a demographic boost on the other," she said.
- The key to success is hard work. If we work honestly and listen to the Polish people, we will win. Work, not promises! - concluded Beata Szydło.




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