On March 17, 1994, Zbigniew Kuchciński, the founder of the Association for the Remembrance of Przemyśl Eaglets, the Society of Lovers of Lviv and PC in Przemyśl, died

The father of the former Marshal of the Sejm and the current head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Marek Kuchciński, was born on January 25, 1929 in Nowosiółki in the province of Lviv.

Unfortunately, his childhood was marked by the tragedy of war, the invasion of the Soviet army, the nightmare of the German occupation, and then the terror of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Zbigniew Kuchciński and his family were forced to seek help in safer parts of the country.

Poles from the voivodeships of the Second Polish Republic (Lwów, Stanisławów, Tarnopol) came by train to Przemyśl, where there was a large branch of the State Repatriation Office. After receiving the documents, some went on, others sought shelter in Przemyśl. The Kuchciński family started a new chapter of life there. Thanks to forged documents, Zbigniew, who was several years younger, did not share the fate of his older brother, Mieczysław, who as a teenager was sent to work in Germany. My uncle escaped from there to Switzerland, then to Italy, where he enlisted in the army of General Anders. He served there until the end of the war. Interestingly, Zbigniew's other half-brother, Marian Milewski (AK "Czarny"), also escaped from the Oflag after the fall of the Warsaw Uprising and also reached Anders through Switzerland. Both brothers did not know that they served in the II Corps together.

Zbigniew Kuchciński was a founding member of the Przemyśl Eaglets Remembrance Association, which was established in January 1989, from March 4, 1989, a founding member of the Society of Lovers of Lviv and South-Eastern Borderlands, and from mid-1989 - president of the board of TMLiKPW. He organized aid for Poles in the East, food donations, collections for the purchase of candles for the graves of Polish heroes for the cemetery of the Eaglets, defenders of Lviv. He initiated a youth exchange between Lviv schools with Polish as the language of instruction. He was also the founder of the Center Agreement in Przemyśl.

Zbigniew Kuchciński, winter 1963. View of Przemyśl from above
Management of the Society of Lovers of Lviv and Southeastern Borderlands. Zbigniew Kuchciński first from left


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