Christmas wafer meetings of MPs and KPs of the Law and Justice party in the Sejm

A traditional Christmas wafer meeting for MPs was held in the Sejm. Marshal Marek Kuchciński, summarizing the year 2016, emphasized the importance of the celebration of the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland.

- The Baptism of Poland showed us the greatness of the past and the Christian heritage has shaped the fate of the country and our nation until today," said the Speaker. - We are in the Sejm and Senate to serve the nation. May Christmas strengthen this awareness in us - he wished.

The Metropolitan of Warsaw, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, thanked the parliamentarians for their legislative work related to the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland, as well as their commitment and presence during the meeting with Pope Francis during World Youth Day.

- I would like to wish the silence in which you can hear the man closest to you, for whom in the year-long rush we often do not have time ... - said Cardinal Nycz.

The meeting was attended by Speakers of the Sejm and the Senate, Members of the Parliament, Senators and the Presidium of the Sejm. The chaplain of the parliamentarians priest Piotr Burgoński was present and read the fragment of the Holy Bible.

ku093806 img_0586 ku093647Speaker of the Senate Stanisław Karczewski, Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska, Warsaw Metropolitan Archbishop Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Barbara Dolniak, Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchcińskiku093726Carols were sung by the Mazowsze groupku094516

Members and supporters of the Law and Justice Party, including MPs, ministers, the Speaker and Deputy Speakers of the Sejm, gathered at the evening wafer meeting.

- We are implementing our programme, a programme full of empathy. It is for those who have been completely forgotten - said Jaroslaw Kaczynski, chairman of the Law and Justice party. I am full of hope that Poland will be more just, that it will develop towards prosperity, strength and happiness - he said.

Jarosław Kaczyński reminded of programs that give reason for satisfaction, programs that raise the living status of Poles, i.e. Mieszkanie pl us or 500 pl us.

He also referred to the attacks on the MP Stanisław Piotrowicz. - It rarely happens that someone is attacked in this way. He pays a special price, if I could, I would award him a medal - he argued.

dscf0055President of the Law and Justice party Jaroslaw Kaczynskidscf0046Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, Law and Justice party leader Ryszard Terleckidscf0103 Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewiczdscf0191 Secretary of State at the Ministry of Development Jerzy Kwiecińskidscf0184 Andrzej Matusiewicz, Member of the Law and Justice party dscf0181 Minister of Sport Witold Bańka dscf0175 Advisor to the Speaker of the Sejm Professor Waldemar Paruch, Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, dscf0152Grzegorz Matusiak, Law and Justice MP, and Prof. Jan Majchrowski dscf0139 In the center: Anna Schmidt-Rodziewicz, Member of the Law and Justice partydscf0125 Deputy Minister of Justice Patryk Jakidscf0124 Grzegorz Janik, Law and Justice MPdscf0118 Minister of National Education Anna Zalewskadscf0115 From the right: PiS deputy Stanisław Piotrowiczdscf0111 Małgorzata Wassermann, Member of the Law and Justice partydscf0094 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Dziedziczak and Head of the Presidential Chancellery Małgorzata Sadurskadscf0092 Minister of Culture Professor Piotr Glińskidscf0061 Deputy Speaker of the Senate Maria Koc, Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister Maria Anders, dscf0058Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy Elżbieta Rafalska



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